For some years now, Ukraine has been in the news for bad reasons. It came to the attention of international media in recent history because of leadership tussle between the then pro-Russian government of Viktor Yakunovic and opposition party. This fight was hijacked by European countries ably supported by the United States who have turned the country to the battle ground for a neo-Cold War. This is no longer an ideological war between the forces of capitalism and socialism but a direct attempt by the US and its European allies to clip the influence of Russia in Eastern Europe.
To achieve this objective, the EU and the US have successfully divided the Ukrainian leadership with mouth-watering offers to cut off any form of relationship with Moscow . The import of this ploy is not lost on the Russian strongman, Vladimir Putin who promptly annexed the strategic Crimea Peninsular which is the major prize the US was eyeing.
The powers that be in Kiev have never been comfortable with this pre-emptive move by Russia which seems to have deflated their ego. The result is that they have been doing everything to impress Washington to the detriment of the ordinary citizens of Ukraine who are now facing the pain of war in Eastern Ukraine between rebels and Kiev government. That part of the country is now hit by severe humanitarian crisis which, by every imagination is a direct consequence of bad leadership.
Ukraine has become a popular name in many of the world’s media. And not surprisingly, it has gained the attention of the world powers, especially Russia and the US on one hand and Europe on the other. The US is believed to have sponsored the regime change in Kiev in an effort to further integrate the state to the European Union. This has been responsible for the convergence of the foreign policy of European countries with that of the United States on the Ukraine crisis. International relations experts believe that the main objective of the US in this case is to break the bond between Russia and Ukraine as people with common root with the sole purpose of reducing the influence of Russia in the region.
However, by replacing the legitimate authority, the White House did not realize that bringing supporters of neo-Nazism and racism to power will diminish the esteem of the Ukrainian people before the rest of the world. To worsen the situation, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has very few qualified specialists as diplomats capable of representing the interests of the Ukrainian state in the world community.
Having no alternative, Kiev seems not to be giving preference to those schooled in diplomacy for foreign postings. Instead, those who are supporters of the oligarchs and who will respect the laws of fascism as in the era of Hitler when hundreds of thousands of Russian Jews, Poles and other nationalities were mindlessly massacred are now the favourites of Ukrainian leaders for foreign postings. A man whose blood has high propensity for crime, cannot be shielded for long.
The recent increase in the publication of articles on the different exhibition of incompetence by Ukrainian diplomats has become very disturbing. Many attribute this to the fact that the Kiev government has elevated mediocrity and patronage high above merit in considering those to be given strategic postings. Expected, this bad judgment has become a source of embarrassment to the Ukrainian people.
It was widely reported that in early April of this year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Africa sent an official note to the Ukrainian Embassy in Pretoria , demanding the expulsion of the head of the consular department for allowing a gardener of the embassy to be involved in criminal activities. He was suspected of having links to organized crime in South Africa .
According to the intelligence services of the country, the Ukrainian embassy employee has direct links with the Nigerian and Ukrainian gangs involved in drug and human trafficking. He was alleged to be using his official position to engage in forging of documents that allows the gang to send drug dealers and prostitutes to European countries through Ukraine . Investigation also revealed that the gardener for the time spent in the country has frequently been the culprit of road accidents due to driving under the influence of alcohol.
The South African authorities were forced to demand his immediate expulsion from the country, describing his activities as “incompatible with the status of a diplomatic worker.” The Embassy of Ukraine has not yet commented on this request. However, Kiev has directed that a special commission conduct an internal investigation. The likelihood is that this report will never be made public. Surely, the gardener will return home, and will be replaced with another ill equipped groveling minion whose only credential will be his loyalty to Kiev Nazi Oligarchs.
It is baffling that the European Union wants Ukraine in its fold yet watched the East European country embarrass itself internationally. Is it the kind of image the leaders of EU are looking for in a country like Ukraine? Under pressure from the United States, European countries can of course say that Ukraine is a civilized European country, but in reality the leadership in Kiev has alienated the country from such concepts as democracy where laws are obeyed and human rights are respected.
For Ukraine, crisis has inflicted so much agony that rationality seems to have taken flight. In a globalised world, one wonders what extra benefit that Ukraine stands to benefit from EU and NATO that will make it to plunge the entire country into this mindless crisis.
Attah writes this piece from Makurdi, Benue State

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