Presidential candidate of Nigeria's leading opposition All Progressive Congress, Mohammadu Buhari, meets with US Secretary of State at the US Consulate in Lagos January 25, 2015. US Secretary of State John Kerry said today that peaceful and timely elections were vital in Nigeria, where the country is battling a deadly insurgency by Boko Haram. AFP PHOTO / POOL / AKINTUNDE AKINLEYE

A Lagos lawmaker, Mr Emeka Idimogu, (PDP- Oshodi Isolo 2) in the Lagos State House of Assembly, on Sunday said it was too early to judge President Muhammadu Buhari on his performance.
Idimogu, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, described the allegation from some quarters that the president was slow as ‘inappropriate’ .
“Although the president is an experienced man, he has been there before, but he cannot do it alone.
“For me, he has done well so far as six weeks is not good enough to judge someone who has just assumed office.
“Nigeria is big and the country is populous, he is taking his time. Some people are saying he is slow, but I believe he has done well.
“You cannot just come in and do anything you like because you want to be different.
“Look at the financial sector. When he took over, we had about 29 billion dollars in external reserve, but after six weeks of his assumption of office, it has jumped to 31 billion dollars,”.
According to him, the magic is that public office holders now have the fear of a disciplined man who will not tolerate nonsense.
On the return of decamped members into the fold of PDP ahead of 2019 general elections, Idimogu urged the leadership of the party to lure back all aggrieved members and woo new ones.
“Why my party did not do well in the 2015 elections was because some governors then and others left the party and it failed to check the exodus.
“If the party had done something to address the problem, it would have been a better story, but we felt that the party was too big and anybody could leave.
“Everybody is important, PDP party leaders can reach out to them again to bring them back and talk about what went wrong.
“It is not just PDP members, they could lure others from the APC and other parties to join the PDP”.
According to him, whenever he notices that some people want to leave the party in his constituency, he will do everything to stop them from leaving.
On how he, who is from the South East, won election in the South West, he said that his belief in communal living and sacrifice of his resources to the people worked for him.
“I spent my resources to assist people in my community, not for the purpose of coming to represent them initially, I never thought of it.
“I just felt that I should contribute my quota to the welfare of my community provided that I have the resources to do it,” he said.
On the review of salary and allowances of public office holders, he said that law makers should abide by whatever the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) came up with. (NAN)

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