Court has rejected former first
lady Simone Gbagbo’s appeal
against a 20-year sentence over
her role in the violence that
followed the 2010 elections that
her husband Laurent Gbagbo lost,
her lawyer said.
“The supreme court Thursday
rejected our appeal,” Rodrigue
Dadje told AFP, criticising it as a
“political decision”.
Simone Gbagbo, currently
being held in Abidjan, was
sentenced in March 2015 to 20
years imprisonment after being
convicted of “attacking state
authority” over her role in the
post-election violence, which left
more than 3,000 people dead.
She was tried with 78 codefendants
for their part in the
crisis caused by the refusal of
former president Laurent Gbagbo
to recognise Alassane Ouattara’s
victory in the November 2010
presidential election.
The former first lady is also due
to go on trial on May 31 in Abidjan
on charges of crimes against
humanity related to the wave of
post-election violence.
Laurent Gbagbo is currently on
trial at the International Criminal
Court in The Hague for war
crimes also linked to the unrest
that followed his refusal to step
Ivory Coast, the world’s top
cocoa producer, has struggled
to return to normalcy after years
of civil war, which effectively
divided the country between the
mainly Christian south and the
largely Muslim north.
Ouattara finally took power
in 2011 with help from former
colonial ruler France and the
arrest of the Gbagbos.

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