Ijaw Youth Council, IYC Worldwide has picked holes in the inaugural address of President Muhammadu Buhari where he declared that Amnesty Programme for Niger Delta former militants will be terminated by his administration in December this year.
In a statement issued yesterday by the IYC spokesman, Comrade Eric Omare, entitled “Amnesty Programme Ending In December, 2015”, he said the group appreciates the fact that the scheme cannot continue forever and therefore must have a terminal date.
He, however said, “the questions on the lips of beneficiaries and other stakeholders in the Niger Delta region are: What would happen to those who have not been trained as at December 2015 and those still undergoing training or have not completed their training?
“The termination of the programme would throw up challenges for beneficiaries of the programme who are still undergoing training and are at different levels of their training.
“We expect the Federal Government to address the fear of these classes of ex-agitators who are in different parts of the world and are worried that their training may be affected if the programme is terminated in December 2015,” Omare said.
“The case of a substantial number of ex-agitators who have not been trained is even more worrisome,” he added.
The IYC therefore called on President Buhari to address these challenges before the programme is terminated.
Omare said the IYC would support any patriotic step of the government to strengthen institutions responsible for the development of the Niger Delta region.
He said: “We wish to advise that any effort towards restructuring of developmental institutions and projects should have the input of the people of the region at the heart of the process. The people of the Niger Delta must be the ones to decide the shape of developmental institutions in the region.”
The IYC also appealed President Buhari to address issues such as the clean-up of the Niger Delta environment, implementation of the United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP report on Ogoni, tackling the menace of oil theft which has greatly contributed to environmental degradation in the region.
“We are disappointed that President Buhari failed to address these key issues which are dear to the Niger Delta in his inaugural speech and thereby raising questions as to his sincerity to fulfil his promises to the Niger Delta people,” he said.

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