Nigerian Prisons Service, NPS, has confirmed that there was indeed a jail break in the Kuje maximum Prison on Friday night.
Nigerian Pilot Sunday learnt that prisoners had broken loose from their confinement at the maximum prison that is home to prominent political figures held for alleged financial corruption as well as other key prisoners.
One of such high profile prison inmate Charles Okah was alleged to have scaled the fence and escaped from his confinement.
The Public Relations Officer of the Service, Francis Enobore, confirmed that there was indeed an “incident” at the prison, Friday night.
However, in respect of the story that the brother of Henry Okah, jailed leader of the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta, MEND, Charles Okah, escaped during the jail break, Enobore said: “Yes, there was an incident yesterday, but Okah was not involved.”
“It is not true; Charles Okah is still in custody. I have been in touch with our men in the prison facility and there is nothing like that (Okah escaping),” Enobore said.
“The Comptroller of prisons has ordered an investigation and that is going on. We want to know if anybody escaped and if yes, what are their identities,” he added.

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