JEHOVAH’ Witnesses within the Federal Capital Territory and its neighbouring states of Nasarawa, Niger and Kogi have commenced their 2017 regional convention holding at their assembly ground in Kwali with the theme, ‘’Do not give up’’ Already, two sections have been held beginning from September 1 with the rest sections staggering between this weekend and December. Addressing delegates, the convention overseer, Asuquo Akpan, said the gathering together in these days filled with unending worries, anxieties and uncertainties, Jehovah’s witnesses in FCT and its environs like other parts of the world are happily to enjoy scriptural admonitions, real life experiences and videos which highlights the importance of cultivating endurance among other godly qualities in coping with present life challenges. The conventions are also designed to help parents with scriptural counsels on how they can protect their young ones from sexual predators and other vices, even as young ones enjoy parts that emphasized on how they can have a fruitful and satisfying life. The highlight of the threeday convention is a three-part drama video that has the theme: ‘Remember the wife of Lot’ which contains vital lessons on what should be important in a Christian life.
Also there is a public bible discourse that has the theme: Never Give Up Hope! This talk answers three vital questions: How do we benefit from having hope? What hope does the Bible offer? How can you make the hope offered by the bible your own? Other spiritual nourishment received were in the form of symposiums, dramatic bible reading, public bible discourse, real-life drama and different symposiums of which one of them stressed the need for endurance despite unjust treatment, advancing age, human imperfections, humiliating experiences, prolonged illness, loss of loved ones and persecution.

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