JENNIFER Lawrence has said
the leaking of nude photos of
her left her feeling “blindsided”.
Intimate images of the Oscarwinning
actress were published
online in 2014.
She told Vogue: “I think
people saw [the hacking] for
what it was, which was a sex
crime, but that feeling, I haven’t
been able to get rid of it.
“Having your privacy violated
constantly isn’t a problem if
you’re perfect. But if you’re
human, it’s terrifying.”
She added: “When my
publicist calls me, I’m like, ‘Oh,
my God, what is it?’ Even when
it’s nothing. I’m always waiting
to get blindsided again.
“It’s scary when you feel the
whole world judges you.”
The actress is the cover star
for US Vogue’s prestigious
September issue, for which
she has been photographed by
Annie Leibovitz and Inez &
Vogue also commissioned
artist John Currin to paint her
for one of the four covers as
part of the celebrations for the
magazine’s 125th anniversary
Lawrence also spoke about
her relationship with director
Darren Aronofsky, who she’s
been dating for the past year.
The pair met while filming
her new movie Mother!, which
Aronofsky directs, and became
an item shortly after.
“When I saw the movie, I
was reminded all over again
how brilliant he is,”
Lawrence said of the
“For the past year, I’ve
been dealing with him
as just a human.
“I normally don’t
like Harvard people,
because they can’t go
two minutes without
mentioning that they
went to Harvard. He’s
not like that.”
The actress also
explained that filming
Mother! – a horror
drama, about which very
few details have been
revealed – got so intense
that she hyperventilated
and dislocated a rib.
“I ended up getting
on oxygen,” she said. “I
have oxygen tubes in my
nostrils, and Darren’s
like, ‘It was out of focus;
we’ve got to do it again.’”

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