The outcome of the governorship election in Jigawa State was the happiest news for the people of the state, not only because of the desire for change, but also because of the outstanding character and credibility of the man elected. The election of Allhaji Badaru Abubakar of APC as governor is a major political development for Jigawa state. He is a humble man who loves the people and greatly committed to their welfare. He is rich enough to take care of himself. He is not one of those politicians that seek elective offices to become millionaires overnight at the expense of the people.
For many years, our politics has been dominated by opportunistic politicians who are only interested in riding on the backs of the people to attain power for personal aggrandizement. The election of Badaru, however, is a departure from this ugly reality of our national politics. Badaru is in politics to offer selfless services to the people; he is not a hungry politician desperately looking for power as a passport to personal enrichment.
In fact, Badaru is not the typical selfish politician who perceives public office as an opportunity to enrich himself, his friends and his children as we have seen in the past. All his life, he has devoted himself to the service of the people. He is a believer in destiny. He once contested and lost under ACN because he was betrayed by friends. But with his faith in God, he contested this time and won.
Another interesting thing about Badaru is that all other APC contestants supported him after he won the primaries instead of doing anti-party activities to sabotage his victory. His humility is the only secret to explain why he enjoys the support of others that contested against him during the primaries. He won this time because the people acknowledged his sincerity to serve. His fellow contestants such as Hon. Farouk Adamu Aliyu, Ubali Hadejia and Hashim Ibrahim Hassan, all threw their weight behind him and work for his victory.
Jigawa state is lucky to elect a politician who is unassuming and a good listener. He doesn’t personalize power or reduces people to yes men. Personalization of power is one of the great problems of our democracy. You cannot build strong democratic institutions where power is concentrated around individuals or personalities. His election will end the era of politics characterized by personality cult. When leaders monopolize power, they subordinate the wishes of the people to their whims and caprices.
This time, however Jigawa state is lucky to have elected Alhaji Badaru Abubakar as their Governor under APC platform. As a broadminded politician who believes in the collective wisdom of his people, Badaru will make a big difference. The people of the state need a humble, accessible and responsive leader, and not a leader obsessed with self-glorification.
While commending the people of Jigawa state for their wise decision to vote Badaru of APC as their Governor, I also wish to offer some suggestions on how to help him tackle the basic challenges facing Jigawa state. Of particular importance is youth unemployment. Jigawa state has the highest record of youth joblessness. The Governor-elect must give priority to this social problem.
Youth restiveness exposes our promising young men and women to dangerous temptations, including drugs, criminality, prostitution and other deviant social behaviours. It is embarrassing that, despite the hype of the “development strides” Lamido administration, Jigawa state was burdened with youth unemployment.
As a social group, the youth are a major voting block, and therefore, the Governor-elect should pay attention to this issue once he is sworn into office. No government can afford to overlook this ugly social reality. The Governor-elect has the will and the experience to tackle this challenge. He should make a big difference in this respect. I am pleased the people of Jigawa state made a good choice by electing Badaru, and we will never regret our choice. We are luckly he is coming into office as a man fully prepared for leadership. Besides, he is in politics for genuine service to the people.
Badaru’s election was also widely hailed by other professional bodies that are impressed by his leadership qualities. The acting President of the Nigeria Association of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA), Chief Bassey Edem, who led a delegation to the Governor-elect in his hometown, recalled that during Badaru’s tenure as President of the Association, he “promoted cordial relationship between the government and private entrepreneurs across the country. Chief Edem was preaching to the converted because Badaru’s qualification for the job is beyond debate.
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