Popular socialite, Hajiya Habiba Abubakar has declared that, actor Jim Iyke is still owing her the sum of N16.5 million.
When asked about her relationship with Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke, the philanthropist who runs various businesses from oil and gas to property, and farming, said, “Sometimes, when I read some trash about me online, I laugh over it because some online editors or writers really don’t know who the real Habiba is. Well, all that is said about me on blogs are lies; for the past 20 years now and still counting, I have been a wonderful wife and happy mother of three. Never had a child for any id–t, or namedropper, and neither divorced nor separated from my husband.
“However, I had issues with Jim Iyke and if he’d said that I wanted sex with him as a married woman in order to run and leave my N16.5 million, he would be making a mistake.
“Jim said I am a family member in all the interviews he gave to The Vanguard, This Day, Pilot, City People etc before he started the rubbish tweets. He has bitten more than he can chew; he has stepped on the lion’s tail. He still owes me and he must pay, the case is still in court and I wouldn’t want to dwell much on it.”

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