NORTHERN ELDERS Council, NEC, Chairman, Alhaji Tanko Yakasai, yesterday said the Ahmed Joda-led transition committee report if implemented could lead to the transformation of Nigeria.
Speaking in a chat with Nigerian Pilot Sunday, the elder statesman urged President Muhammadu Buhari be retained the committee as semi-permanent advisory body to guide his economic team, particularly in the implementation of the Committee’s recommendations.
”The members of the Transition Committee did well, not only on issues related to the transition programme, but by going far ahead to prepare a well-articulated, all round, programme that will, if implemented, guide the President Muhammadu Buhari administration to the end of its tenure.
“What they did is to prepare an election manifesto and action plan for the administration though this was done after Buhari had won election. I observed that from 1999 when this country returned to democratic rule, after General Abdulsalami Abubakar’s tenure, political parties are not contesting elections on a well-articulated programme. They only hire prolific writers and some academicians to write beautiful English in the name of election manifesto, merely, for public consumption.“Having read the summary of Ahmed Joda Transition Committee report, I am impressed by the trouble they took to address key issues that bedevil Nigeria’s progress which if used, the report can lead to the transformation of Nigeria into a better nation; and it can better the lot of the greater number of Nigerians.
“My advice to President Buhari on this matter is to retain the Ahmed Joda Committee as a semi-permanent Advisory Body with its membership trimmed into a manageable size.
The work of the Committee will be to guide the Ministers which President Buhari will appoint and their officials in the implementation of the Committee’s recommendations,” he concluded.

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