Awards have unveiled Joke
Silva, Lanre Da Sliva, Peace
Hyde, and Tewa Onasanya
as the 2017 influencers of the
annual ceremony.
The quartet was selected as
a result of their achievements
in their different fields.
They are women who
inspire, motivate and
empower as best as they can.
The influencers were chosen
as part of our message
that all women are worth
“Joke Silva is a Nigerian
actress, director, and
businesswoman. Silva is
director of studies at the Lufodo
Academy of Performing Arts,
while her husband chairs
it Lufodo Academy is one
of several assets the couple
own as part of the Lufodo
Group, including Lufodo
Productions, Lufodo Consult,
and Lufodo Distribution,”
according to a statement by
the organisers.
“Silva has curated for the
Bank of Industry (BOI) in
theatre, film, documentary
and poetry and the 2012
London Olympics and is also
the pioneer managing director
of Malete Film Village, in
association with Kwara State
“In addition to her
work as an actress, Silva
is a philanthropist and
a strong supporter of
women’s emancipation and
empowerment, contributing
to their education, training
and progress.
“Lanre Da Silva Ajayi
(LDA) is an award-winning
designer and the founder of
eponymous design label. In
nine years her passion for
fashion has gotten stronger
making the label a fashion
favourite among the media,
celebrities and fashion
“LDA the brand first
arrived in the fashion scene
in 2005 gwith iconic 1940’s
couture signature designs –
a result of what has evolved
into a much more modern
and cutting-edge brand and
a full-blown fashion house.
Lanre states “Couture,
colour and boldness with an
edgy twist is the signature
of my designs.
“Regardless of the label’s
strong historical design roots,
LDA’s creatively combines
pattern, print, exquisite and
even traditional fabrics to
produce day wear, evening
wear, gowns and cocktail
dresses that bridge time and
make the label successful
within and outside Nigeria.
“Peace Hyde is the
head of digital media and
partnership as well as the
West African Correspondent
at Forbes Africa.
“In her current role, she
is responsible for working
across the company’s digital
platform on revenue and
audience growth initiatives
as well as the editorial
head for the West African
“She is also the founder of
leading education non-profit
Aim Higher Africa, which
has a focus on empowering
unemployed youths in Africa
to transform their passion
into business.
“She is also an awardwinning
journalist who
“Tewa Onasanya, a
mindset coach, holds a BSc
in pharmacology from the
University of Portsmouth, UK
and is the founder of Exquisite
Magazine Services Ltd,
the publishers of Exquisite
Magazine a fashion, beauty
and lifestyle magazine for
“Exquisite Magazine
organises the exquisite
magazine cancer walk, an
event aimed at increasing
the awareness for cervical
and breast cancer and free
screening for people. In
2009, the exquisite magazine
started an only female awards
ceremony called the exquisite
lady of the year (ELOY)
“The ELOY awards is
aimed at celebrating women
of excellence in different
fields, empowering,
motivating and inspiring
others and it holds every

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