A former Military Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Air Commodore Idongesit Nkanga (rtd) has said that President Goodluck Jonathan have become a source of pride to Nigerians after he conceded defeat to Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd).
Nkanga told Nigerian Pilot in Uyo that Jonathan demonstrated statesmanship by congratulating Buhari after the announcement of the result of last weekend’s presidential election.
He said that his action has also laid a good foundation for future generation of leaders in the country and has shown that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP remained a party that has respect for the rule of law.
“He demonstrated that he is a statesman because the whole world was looking at Nigeria to know what will happen after the election. They were watching to see whether we will kill ourselves, to see whether we will divide. So Nigerians are proud of him.
“We should be very happy that we have a president like that but moving forward from here Nigerians should try to imbibe more democratic cultures, we should be able to move away from the banana republic we have been practicing before.
“We sit down to enjoy other peoples election so why can’t others sit down and enjoy our own. So I am very happy for what he has done. People have been calling me since yesterday from Europe to say that they can’t believe that it happened in Nigeria but it has happened.
“So Nigerians can now walk proud and say that they have arrived as far as democracy is concerned because of what the President has done. By even congratulating Buhari has even taken it further.”
He however called on the president-elect to ensure that he brings about the desired change by embarking on policies and programmes that would be in the interest of the masses.
“It is now a Nigerian matter not APC matter and so he should learn from the mistakes of his predecessors because winning election is one thing but doing the work of uniting and keeping Nigerians and giving Nigerians in a plural society like ours what they want is another thing.”
He also cautioned against incessant unnecessary court action by losers as according to him such action has delayed the implementation of democracy dividend and waste of tax payers money.

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