One of the profound critics of former President Goodluck Jonathan’s government and Lagos activist, Femi Falana, said the former president fought corruption in more civilised ways.
The Lagos lawyer said “contrary to the general belief that the former president closed his eyes to corruption, he did so much in the fight against corruption including the sack of three of his ministers for alleged graft.
Adding to what Bishop Matthew Kukah said last week, Mr Falana concluded that Jonathan carried out the most successful loot recovery without making noise about it.
During his era, the government introduced the single bank account for the country, saving billions. The electronic payroll payment system and the bio-metric registration of federal workers identified 68,000 ghost workers and over 50,000 ghost pensioners. They also introduced the Single Contract Requisition system with a legislative oversight.
The cashless economy was the reason why “Ghana-Must-Go” disappeared in the National Assembly and around the corridors of his administration.
Trillions of naira were recovered and saved through these high-tech corruption fighting system.

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