Just days after Isis took control of the Syrian city of Palmyra, reports have emerged of the group murdering at least 400 people, mostly women and children, in the city.

Syrian state television reported the massacre, quoting residents of the city.

Opposition activists claimed that hundreds of bodies littered the streets. They said that many of the victims were from groups or families loyal to the government.

Palmyra is known for its world-famous Roman ruins, including well-preserved temples, colonnades, and a theatre.

Fears are growing that the group will destroy these priceless remains, given their past record.

In February, a video emerged of Isis militant ransacking a museum in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, destroying ancient statues with hammers and drills.

Isis only captured the ancient city on Wednesday, yet have already shown incredible violence and brutality to the city’s residents.

The capture of Palmyra is of strategic importance – the city is close to military bases and gasfields, which can provide the group with weapons, fuel and money.

The group captured a prison in the city, and released images of weapons and explosives they found there.

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