Kaduna State Alawee: WHICH WAY?

I am a serving corp member in Kaduna, a beautiful state where the serene environment is overwhelming, but irrespective of the beautiful environment, the pockets are crying, and now i wish to emphasise on the no state allowance, with this little piece.
I am a voice that wish to speak up, for the interest of all other corp members serving in Kaduna state.
During our Passing out parade(POP) from camp, I stand to be corrected, I can recall that His Excellency, Mallam Nasiru Ahmad El-Rufai, Kaduna state Governor promised to make our service year memorable, as he promised to pay us Kaduna state allowance which was stopped when he became the Incumbent Governor of the state.
From a reliable source the following states are paying their corp member a stipulated amount after their service year, while some pay monthly.these state includes:
Ondo state is paying N60k at the end of the service year
Lagos state is paying state 10k state allowance
Anambra state is paying N8500 every month
Enugu is paying N5000 every month
Osun state is paying N5000 every month
Bayelsa is paying N3000/ 5000 at the end of service year
Akwaibom is paying N5000 every month
Ogun state is paying N5000 every month
Delta state is paying N5000 every month
So far the Kaduna state has been conducive for corpers, following his promises during the same POP in camp, all thanks to the able Governor Mallam Nasiru Ahmad El-Rufai. But we have been living on 19,800 stipend from the FG, every month which has not been easy in an expensive state like kaduna.
We beseech the Governor to come out and address the corp members in his state if he would fufil his promise and pay us what is due to us as no news has been heard so far about the state allowance, as our passing out is in October.
We appeal that the governor help us out, as we have relentless served our purposes in our different Primary Places of Assignment, following the fact that we have not been able to save from our 19800, considering the country recession period, we will like to fall back on something, and start up a business for ourselves, as to get a job in the country now after service is quite on the run.
Please we in a appealng tone we seek for a feedback from his Excellency.
Kaduna Corpers

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