God will punish pastors deceiving leaders – Primate Ayodele
Spiritual Leader of INRI Spiritual and Evangelical Church, Oke-Afa, Isolo, Lagos, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has said the body of Christ in Nigeria must unite in order to guide and help leaders to govern diligently.
Insisting that without a common front, it will be hard for public officials to take words of wisdom from Christians seriously, Ayodele alleges that Nigeria’s Christendom can’t unite exceptSS God gives the country the right leader.
“Pastors nowadays interpret the Bible to what suits them, not what the Bible really says. Anyone called by God does not need to be taught the Bible.
“It is divine, so even when your mentor or teacher takes you through, you understand easily. But I have observed that some clerics that attended seminary or Bible school still don’t understand the content.
“If they do, why will such persons go to President, Governors, Ministers, Lawmakers, heads of key agencies and other influential people and say ‘all is well’ when it is a lie; they can’t speak for the people.
“The Bible does not support deception and God will deal with them because when other clerics go to those office holders and say ‘all is not well, things are not going right’, they will say ‘but your colleagues have assured that all is well.’
On allegations that some Christian leaders were corrupt, Ayodele said the accusation is true judging by the lifestyle of some of his colleagues.
“We have many selfish Christian leaders, people who only fight for their own, their pocket, their family and what they will eat.
“When you look at it, some Pastors are corrupt; I say again Nigerian Pastors are corrupt.
“Many Pastors clamour for relevance and do all they can to get into the good books of those in positions of authority.
“And because they seek patronage and want to be the one people in power will be calling and inviting, they see the truth and look the other way.
“That aside, you must have passed places where you find the branch of a Church at the beginning of a street. Move ahead and you’ll find that same Church at the end of the street.
“In some areas, you’ll count 5 or 10 of the same Church and they will tell you that ‘we want to be everywhere’; my brother it is corruption because that is how they realise bulk money. Proliferation of Churches is corruption. No other word to describe it.”

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