SOME commercial sex workers
in Kaduna have called on
governments at all levels, civil
society organisations, corporate
organisations as well as spirited
individuals to come to their rescue
with vocational trainings so they
could quit prostitution.
They made this known over
the weekend when a renowned
woman activist, Comrade Ramatu
Tijjani, alongside some selected
journalists visited them at various
spots, including Rabah and Sultan
Roads in the state.
The prostitutes, who did not
want their names in print, added
that the risks in the job outweighed
its advantages, hence the decision
to quit if help could be extended
to them by the government and
“Many of us found ourselves
here not deliberately. For example,
I was lured into the business
when my aunt who invited me to
Kaduna later sent me out after a
misunderstanding between us.
“So, I want to use this
opportunity to appeal to NGOs,
civil societies and governments
at all levels to help us with small
skill training and awareness in
other to quit the job,” one of them
Comrade Tijani, who had
earlier cautioned them against
the negative effect of prostitution,
urged them to embrace skills
acquisition in order to be selfreliant.
According to her, there are
approximately 20 different types
of sexually transmitted diseases
or sexually transmitted infections
(STDs/ STIs) in addition to
sinister attacks from ritualists
pretending to be customers and
security agents.
In a chat with newsmen in
Kaduna, Tijani observed that
that was the only way for them
to avoid being infected with
sexually transmitted diseases and
beind used for ritualists.
“There are approximately
20 different types of sexually
transmitted diseases or sexually
transmitted infection STDs or
STIs, danger of being attacked by
ritualists, daily harassment from
customers and security agents
each time you go out.
“Chlamydia, gonorrhoea,
syphilis, genital herpes, genital
warts, viral hepatitis, HIV
and human papillo mavirus,
(HPV), bacterial vaginosis &
trichomoniasis are some of the
common STDs.
“In view of the high risk
involved in the profession, it
is advisable that government,
NGOs, civil societies, corporate
bodies and wealthy individuals
intervene by establishing business
activities to make them selfreliant,”
she advised.
She then called on parents to
redouble efforts on monitoring
the movement of their
daughters, adding that many
young ladies had gone abroad
today prostituting without the
knowledge of their parent

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