Sodom and Gomorrah were ancient cities notorious for abnormal sex acts. The men of these materially rich and leisurely pleasurable cities preferred the unnatural use of themselves for sexual pleasures, contrary to nature. Their stock in trade was rejection of the female folks for intercourse. Homosexual behaviour and acts were their pastime and it was done openly with reckless abandon.
They took pride in this abnormal sexual behaviour and would not spare even strangers who happened to stop by their cities. They often abused themselves and others sexually so much so that God grew irritated with them and passed judgement on these law defying people.
Of course, in the judgement of the Almighty there was no appeal as Lot was to discover in spite of his intercessions. The angels, loyal messengers of God they are and will always be, acted in consonance with divine instructions bringing an end to the disgusting people and these debased cities.
Sadly, the amoral acts of Sodom and Gomorrah have been replicated in several cities both ancient and modern, ensuring that the coinage ‘sodomy’ retained its semantic relevance, albeit, in an unpleasant one.
Here, Kano the ancient pyramid city, comes into reckoning. The city renowned for kolanut consumption, political sagacity and the belligerent disposition of its dwellers especially against unconventional politicians seems to have lent a place to the ungodly acts of sodomy.
A peep into Enugu road, Sabon Gari area of Kano metropolis reminds one of two scrupulous lifestyles in absurdity. Both day and night have different stories to tell. Known and adjudged by many as rendezvous of night gay, and hell for the water vendors in the morning time, given the severity of scarcity of pipe borne water in Sabon Gari area of kano, this section of the city is predominantly inhabited by non indigenes.
Indeed, questionable, is the rationale of the alleged development stride of the immediate past administration of Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwanso of kano, whose era it appears hardly left any tangible images of his presence in the consciousness of both the non-indigenes and the locals, respectively.
In comparative term, Enugu road can best be described as another ’Obalende’ in Kaduna and Lagos, Zone 4 and Benue University in Kubwa, Abuja, where the bustling and haggling of unsightly night life thrive. Here, the intensity of the mid-night activities holding in this area compares favourably with any other deadly red light spot in the world, less violence.
For those who are familiar with the terrain of ‘Obalende’, whether in Lagos or Kaduna, these places are characterised by jugulars of prostitution and illicit drugs activities. Abuse of all kinds of drugs, including hemp smoking, sniffing of cow dung, codeine syrups, used tyres and such other illicit addictions, are in high gear at Enugu road in Sabon Gari, Kano on a daily basis. In Enugu road and environs, every participant is down to earth between 8pm and 2am on this nocturnal life, not only for sodomy but also for commercial purposes.
Here, it seems okay to observe the rigid legal system prevalent in the city in the breach. Prostitution is practised openly in Sabon Gari, non shows compunction of the conscience as they conduct their illegal businesses free from guilt and fully trusting in the freedom their democracy imposes on them.
So, prostitutes usually line up along the street beckoning on admirers and passersby for the blues, as one of the common sights in Sabon Gari. But it is also a beehive of the night life, climaxed with drums by drummers begging for arms.
Men cluster in warm embrace, wagged their back side in mimicry of their female folks. Their catwalk awkward though it is, nonetheless draws admiration from other sodomists. But it could be dangerous as ‘wives’ are seriously protected against foreign invaders. And there are colonies created and carefully protected by certain individuals who could so dastardly protect their colonies against external incursion and they make no secret of their intention to harm stray cats.
Experience shows that from 10pm downwards, appears to be the peak for begging as beggars are more likely to be seen aggressively canvassing for patronage with eardrum breaking drumming and persistent pestering of customers for alms. They mingle happily with the pimps, the addicts, the sodomists, and can easily identify the persons engaging in or all of the thriving illicit excitements.
As a setting of drinking parlours, each linage is entertainers and consumers of beers and beverages that keep the atmosphere extremely charged and busy all through the night. Symbiotically, while the drummers dance to their drum beats the drunks’ seeps and gingered the entertainers with a token as an appreciation to steer the sheep.
As part of the excitement, women of easy virtue flaunt their ‘goodies’ to attract the few men who may still have fancy for their goods and sometimes need the nudging of illicit wine to get indulged.
A regular member who confided on our reporter said that the situation has been compounded by the prevailing economic hardship orchestrated by the new administration of All Progressive Congress, APC, especially the anti corruption war. Ladies mostly appear in different factions, including wearing of ‘Jelabia and Hijabs’ to fast-track attention of men including showcasing their breast as a pointer to attract and support their trendy appearances.
It was sad that most often, those who dressed half naked, rape and rob their counterpart during a short-time out in hotels, particularly International Hotel at No. 28-34, Enugu Road, Sabon Gari.
However, soon after the nocturnal life of sex escapades roll out, the water vendors’ activity takes over the street. Loaded with double-deck gallons of water in chain on wheel cycle, and pushing down the road one after the other, the scenario gives the impression of an ugly and chronic situation of water scarcity in Sabon Gari.
Although the sources of the water supply by the vendors are unknown by residents contacted, it does not seem to be source of worry for the government of the day. Even though it may not mean anything much to consumers who are always watching out anxiously for it to buy them for their domestic usage, it has posed serious water borne diseases and typhoid for the inhabitants of Sabon Gari.
One of the residents who spoke to our correspondent in anonymity said ‘the water scarcity problem in Sabon Gari Kano, is an age long history and decades of promises by successive governments, adding that the practice of buying water from vendors by occupants date back to 2008 and even beyond.

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