KANO State Economic and Investment
Summit ended with the state government
signing a Memorandum of
Understanding, MoU with 10 major
local and foreign investors for contracts
worth $3.98 billion.
This is part of the state government’s
effort to unlock the economic
opportunities in the state.
The companies which entered the
MoU with the Governor Abdullahi
Gaduje’s administration were Brains
and Harmers (N165 billion), Multivision
Nigeria Limited (N2 billion),
Milestone International ($630 million),
Blackrihinoand Dangote Consulting
($150 million) Others are Broadbased Nigeria Limited
($200 million), Eighteenth
Company ($1.8 billion),
Arewa Solar
PVSynergy ($150 million), Shara
Dukiya Nigeria Limited
($100 million),
DangoteRice ($830 million), and Qingdao
St Meer Solar Energy International ($120
After signing the deal, Governor
Ganduje said: “Kano used to be a city, but
we want it to become a mega city, a place
where things are working,
where services
are working, electricity
is available for
adequate for private consumption.
“A mega city is a city where
transportation system is efficient, a
mega city is a place where industri development is optimum so that there
will be minimum level of unemployment.
“A mega-city is a place where
commercial activities are modernised
so that foreigners who are used to
commercial activities in foreign lands
are treated in the same manner so
that business activities will flourish.
A megacity is a place where you have
maximum security,” he said.
Ganduje continued: “When we are
talking of Kano being a commercial
city historically, by the construction
Kanawa International City, which will
be the largest market in West Africa, we
are only confirming history of over 1,000
years ago when Kano was the largest market not only in West Africa, but in
the whole of sub-Saharan Africa. We
have link with North Africa through
“Now, to have a market which is
large and a replica of what is happening
in Dubai – investors themselves
were in Dubai and they have seen
what is happening there. The nation
of Dubai is a collection of international
communities, that make things to
moveforward and I believe that here,
with ourown intellect, we will be able
to do it,” he sai

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