KaTsina United barely
escaped relegation from the
NPFL last season, but they
have shown they mean
business in two major preseason
tournaments ahead
of the new season.
Coach Abdullahi Biffo
speaks on his new team and
what their expectations are
come the new campaign.
What have you taken
from the two pre-season
tournaments you have led
Katsina United
BIFFO: We have gained a
lot of confidence to show
that we are really doing a
big business and I believe
Katsina United will be a
team to beat this coming
You only recently joined
this team and you were
able to guide them to semifinal
at the Gold Cup in
Ilorin, now you are also in
the semi-final of the Ahlan
Pre-Season Tournament in

Kano. What is the secret
Well, our aim of coming
to the competitions is not
to win the trophy. Every
club want to win as many
trophies as they could, but
we see this tournament
as an avenue to prepare
the team, to step up our
preparation and to see
how ready we are for the
new season, also to test
the players mental and
physical strengths.
I just joined Katsina
United a month ago and I
want see how far they have
been able to adjust to my
I am very happy that, I
met these set of players
because they are young,
coachable and they can
easily adjust to any kind
of pattern, this is a kind of
bonus that I am enjoying
here for joining Katsina
United and I am sure we
are a team who will go

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Looking at your team
at the Ahlan tournament,
they have played five
games so far and conceded
only one goal, which was
even from the penalty spot.
What have you been telling
the defence line that has
made them so strong
Yes, I tell the team that if
you don’t concede a goal,
you can’t lose a match.
So, the first thing you
have to think about is to
defend our goal, before
thinking of how to break
the opponents’ goal.
It has been my
philosophy that you need
to defend your goal before
you think of breaking your
opponents’ defence and it
has been working well for
us here.
Your next match is against
hosts Kano Pillars, who
also won the Gold Cup in
Ilorin, do you think your
boys have what it takes to
defeat Pillars in the semi-

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final of the Ahlan Pre-Season
Tournament here in Kano
Well, I think Katsina United
can beat any team at any time
but playing against Kano
Pillars is going to be another
good test for us.
We have to give them their
respect as one of the best
clubs as far as Nigerian club
football is concerned, but

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that does not mean we will
go to the pitch and watch
them play, we have to go
all out and see how we can
get victory against them on
I told them they should
forget about the name
Enyimba and that they
should go all out and give
their best and it worked out,
the same mentality is what
we are taking to the game
against Pillars.
If we play the same way we
played against Enyimba, I
don’t see any reason why we
should be scared of any big