IN demonstration of its
commitment to deliver superior
and innovative banking
solutions to its customers,
Keystone Bank has announced
the launch of a brand new
mobile banking application with
many user friendly features
which can be accessed from the
convenience of a mobile phone.
According to the Group MD/
CEO, Obeahon Ohiwerei, the
new mobile app has many
benefits & self-service options,
including, easy account opening,
convenient self- booking and
liquidation of fixed deposits, an
expanded list of bill-payment
options and easy activation
of standing instructions &
recurrent future payments.
Other notable features of
the mobile App are, a “Switch
Card ON/OFF option” which
allows users to disable their
cards temporarily if missing &
re-enable at the click of a button,
the “Hide Balance Feature”
which is an additional safeguard
against third-party viewing and
the “Meet Your Relationship
Manager Option” which allows
users to call or email their
account officers right within the
In addition, it has a Chabot
feature (now live on Telegram)
that guides users through
a whole range of desired
transactions step-by-step.
Shedding more light on why
it introduced the new mobile
app, Ohiwerei said: “In our
fast-paced and evolving digital
world, service literally has to be
at the speed of thought; the rules
of engagement are changing so
fast that customer expectations
are as diverse as our lifestyles
and choices.
It is no longer a question
of stepping out to the bank
but about the convergence of
innovative services, digital
technology and Omni-channel
platforms coming at us at
breakneck speed.
“Mobile Banking for one isn’t
entirely new in the industry, but
there is no end to innovation
in delivering customer
convenience; at Keystone Bank
that’s what sets us apart and
that shall continue to be our
We are determined to be your
preferred bank; dependable,
responsive and always within
reach,” he stated.

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