No country has ever benefitted from religious intolerance. Every religious
divide has insidious sentiments against the other but the ability to manage
angst is what differentiates some people from beats. Religious based hate
which most people cannot understand yet harbor against the other religion
is why we are so fragmented.

Violence is contagious, simply because nobody, no institution is a monopoly
of violence. Soon the killings of Christians in Nigeria by bigoted Muslims
loaded with octane high hate may get the attention perpetrators seek. The
recent death of Deaconess Eunice Elisha in Kubwa, Abuja is indeed a huge
test on the security integrity of the government in power and subsequent
capacity in managing surreptitious acts at decapitating the practice of
Christianity in Nigeria.

Let me intimate that a research by Pew Center has revealed that violence
and discrimination against religious groups by rival faiths have reached
new highs in all regions of the world except the Americas. The research
added that 198 countries in the world are enmeshed in religious induced
violence. Some people are fast pulling the strings to be part of the
ignoble roll call in Nigeria.

I am older and wiser to know that the problem of Nigerian Christians is
based on biblical principles, which stipulates staying away from acts of
killing, revenge or vendetta. The Church of God however suffers violence on
account of the new testament preaching by Jesus Christ prescribing “turning
the right cheek for the left cheek” to receive slaps.

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I am indeed older and wiser to realize that each time a Christian is killed
by twisted minded spineless killers based on religious hate, their actions
has severe consequence on our social existence. I am older and wiser to
understand that the more we continue to take Christian lives for granted,
the closer we get to anarchy.

I am older and wiser to realize that racism is not restricted to color
discrimination alone. I am now aware that racial segregation on religious
bases is growing in Nigeria with far deadlier consequence than the Nigerian
civil war, insurgency, militancy all put together. I am older and wiser to
agree with some thinkers that religious discrimination and intimidation has
come to stay in Nigeria.

I have also come to realize that the Igbo race presently arming themselves
preparatory to actualizing secessionist agenda are indeed justified on
account of bigoted members of our society. Aside any other mundane
considerations, some have realized there is a looming religious violence
about to consume Nigeria. They will never see anything good in our
protracted union if despicable discrimination continues.

It is indeed sad some bigoted urchins are freely taking the lives of useful
Nigerians. These misfits are not only misguided but on a mission to destroy
Christianity in Nigeria. The recent killing of Mrs. Eunice Elisha in Abuja
has shown that some Islamic preachers are indeed responsible for these
bestial actions. They promote hate, and engineer the killing beast of the
low lives they control.

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The deceased, Eunice Elisha narrated to her husband how an Imam of a nearby
Mosque expressed displeasure at her sermons. She did not hurt anyone or
contravene any law the courts cannot interpret. She was however summarily
hacked based on raw hate. If she was a nuisance, the law would have been
dragged in to arbitrate, but killing seems to be the easiest way for social
misfits to deal with the matter.

Analysis in very recent times has shown that, Bridget Agbaheme was killed
in Kano for alleged ‘blasphemy’. In Pandogeri, Niger state, a man was
killed for ‘blasphemy’,. Francis Emmanuel was stabbed many times for
‘eating’ during Ramadan in Kaduna state. In Nassarawa, a Reverend was
butchered. Fulanis are still on the rampage in the North central and
Southeastern part of the country killing Christian communities.

I am older and wiser to assert that it is time we deal with this hydra
headed demon with the severity it deserves. We are quick to give excuses
but very slow to wield the stick. We are quick to generate blames instead
of condemning the devious developments. We are even quicker to declare
that “the head was not removed”. The head on the neck of those murdered
hasn’t in any way changed the fact that the person is dead in the hands of

It is also very sad to realize that many Muslim elites have decided to
remain mum, pretending nothing has happened. They look away and “allow
Christians to handle their wahala”. Once they discover that the “noise” is
becoming too much, they fire back, drawing puerile examples, mostly
generated from the pit of lies. The murderers get stronger and satisfied
they are on a justified mission.

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In America, the death of a citizen is seen as a national disaster. Whites
killing Blacks as seen in the recent ‘race’ based killings was not allowed
to slide just like that. President Obama reacted immediately. No country
allows a segment of the society constitute themselves into government. No
group of people at the receiving end of attacks folds hands and do nothing.
A time for reprisal might just be very near. Already Christian Association
of Nigeria (CAN) has made its position known in a letter titled “Nigeria: A
Macabre Dance of Death”.

I am older and wiser to remember that Sir Ahmadu Bello, Sadaunan Sokoto
once preached religious tolerance. I am older and wiser to force myself to
believe the inaugural speech of President Mohammadu Buhari “I belong to
everybody, I belong to nobody’ mean, religion, political, social, economic
orientation does not count in his administration.

I am indeed older and wiser to know that the good Muslims can get rid of
the evil ones among them. They can force bigots to change their mode of
preaching. We must all be older and wiser to know that Nigeria will be a
better place without religious racism. We must realize that my rights begin
where yours terminate.