In this piece, GOLOK NANMWA captures the reaction of youths against the recent killings in some communities in Plateau State
ABOUT a fortnight ago,
the Taroh community in
Wase Local Government
of Plateau State was
thrown into mourning
following the attack on
their community by alleged
military personal. Our
correspondent gathered
that Scores of persons were
killed in the three Taroh
villages of Kadarko, Kurmi
and Wadata all in the LGA.
Nigerian Pilot had
gathered that soldiers in
over 40 trucks arrived
the villages following
reports of alleged killing
of four soldiers at Angwan
Nanmi, Karin Lamido Local
Government Area of Taraba
State on the 28th of April last
month. Few days later, no
fewer than 30 persons were
confirmed killed in another
fresh attack by unknown
gunmen suspected to be
Fulani herdsmen in two
villages of Barkin Ladi local
government area of the state.
The chairman of Barkin
Ladi Local Government,
Emmanuel Lomang, had
confirmed the incident to
newsmen. He said gunmen
had struck the villages and
killed innocent villagers in
their sleep. Also no fewer
than six communities
have been attacked in
Plateau State and many
innocent people were
killed in attacks suspected
to have been perpetrated
by Fulani herdsmen
in the past two weeks.
Following this incidence,
major roads linking Jos,
the Plateau State capital
were recently blocked
by hundreds of coalition
of youths who came out
wearing black and white as
well as carrying placards
during a protest on the
incessant night attacks and the
continued killings in Riyom,
Barkin Ladi and Wase Local
Government Areas of the state.
The youths also threatened
to petition the federal
government and the
Nigeria military before the
International Criminal Court
for crimes against humanity
for killing unarmed civilians
if both the federal government
and the military does not take
action. Leader of the youths,
Dr. Daniel Meshak while
speaking to journalists after
blocking the Old Airport
Road last week condemned
the killing of innocent
citizens across the state and
called on all authorities to
appropriately deal with
the matter to its very root.
“The Military should
make known the outcome of
their two weeks operation
in Parts of Barkin Ladi
and Riyom where the
killings still continues till
this moment”, he stressed.
According to the youths
“Plateau State has become
known for incessant night
attacks by daring marauding
attackers who are either
identified as unknown
gunmen or Fulani herdsmen.
What is more worrying is
the fact that these attacks
were carried out when the
military formation by the
Special Task Force (STF) are
in full operation in Plateau.
Instead of facing the attackers
as their training and mandate
required, attitude of STF
has become questionable
in such a way that life of a
Plateau man has become
miserable and none of the
culprits of this madness
has ever been prosecuted”.
The protesting youths
who were also supported
by women, however, called
for a thorough search to be
done in communities such as
Mahanga, Bangyai, Shonong,
Atakar, Kwi, Rim and Sopp
Villages of Riyom Local
Government of Plateau State
as well as parts of Bokkos so
as to fish out the killers who
have been terrorizing the
areas. It would be recalled
that over a decade now, the
state has witnessed the orgy
of violence in sustained,
systemic and coordinated
attacks on innocent people
by faceless terrorists
without being arrested.
Meanwhile, the chairman of
the House of Representatives
Committee on Human Rights,
Beni Lar, has revealed that
the committee will help
communities allegedly
attacked by soldiers in Wase
to explore all legal means
necessary with the view to
obtaining compensation
and justice. The National
Human Right Commission
will soon receive petition
from the committee so as
to commence full scale
investigation and to bring
those involved to face the full
wrath of the law of the land.
She also promised that her
committee would conduct full
and thorough investigation
into the alleged killings
of over 50 people and the
destruction of properties
worth millions of Naira in
the five Taroh communities
by Nigeria soldiers. Lar made
the disclosure recently when
her committee visit displaced
people’s camp in Kadarko
village in Wase LGA to present
relief materials worth millions
of Naira to them and to assess
the level destructions of lives
and properties of the citizenry.
While presenting relief
materials to hundreds of
the displaced families at the
Kadarko Primary School, she
said the National Assembly
has mandated the House
Committee on Human
Rights, defense and army to
conduct a full investigation
the killings. According to her,
“I belief that there should
be an end to the impunity
and extra judicial killings
of innocents Nigerians by
the military, I think it is
high time this menace is
brought to an end”, she said.
Hon. Lar who represents
Langtang North and
Langtang South Federal
Constituency in the House
of Representatives said,
“The situation in Kadarko
is pathetic as a lot of lives
have been lost, homes have
been burnt down, children,
physically challenged,
pregnant women and the
elderly were slaughter for no
reason, in their homes and
places of business destroyed
without provocation
is very unfortunate”.
In this piece, GOLOK NANMWA captures the reaction of youths against the recent killings in some communities in Plateau State
She noted that this
barbaric act would not
be condoned stressing
that the committee will
do everything within the
ambit of the law to bring the
perpetrators of this heinous
act against humanity to
justice. The federal law
maker noted that, “The
most basic fundamental
human right of every citizen
of Nigeria is the right to
life, and the mandate given
to Nigeria soldiers and the
security forces is to protect
the lives of Nigerians”.
She further stressed,
“It is callous and most
unfortunately the same
soldiers that were given
the mandate to protect the
lives of Nigerians to turn
around and kill this same
innocent Nigerians in their
homes while going about
their lawful business. I
think something needs
to be done to address
this development”.
The committee was
accompanied to present
relief materials to the
displaced people by NEMA
officials and items which
include bags of rice, Maize,
Sugar, cartoons of indomie,
clothing and mattresses
amongst others were
distributed to them. One
of the displaced persons
Yakman Useni whose
house and food items were
destroyed commended
the efforts of the federal
lawmaker for helping them
with the relief materials.
Also another victim, Simput
Saleh, again appreciated
the lawmaker and called on
the federal government to
take drastic action against
the perpetrators of this
act to book so as to serve
as a deterrent to others.

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