Kogi House of Assembly has decried the “complete” absence of motorable roads in many communities in the state, saying, that of Ibaji Local Government Area is the worst hit.
The House made the call at plenary on Friday in Lokoja following the adoption of a motion by the member representing the Ibaji constituency, Mr. John Abah to that effect.
The Lawmakers urged the state government to provide at least one major link road in Ibaji Council where all the link roads have collapsed due to action of nature.
Presenting the motion, Abah said the Local Government created in 1996 with an area of 13,375 square kilometers with a projected population of over 200,000 and a total of 97 towns and villages had no link roads at all.
“In Ibaji, it is not that the roads are bad, the fact is that there are no roads at all, we are completely cut off from the rest part of the state because of lack of roads.
“Ibaji has suffered a lot of neglect, degradation and under development for numerous years and the good but worried people of Ibaji are also hardworking, law-abiding and supportive of successive government programmes since her creation,” he expressed.
The lawmaker regretted that the constituency never enjoyed government provisions in terms of social amenities as it was completely devoid of government presence other than the Idah-Onyedega road constructed by former governor Ibrahim Idris.
He added that the area presently desired to have a road constructed from headquarters of the council, Onyedega to Ujeh and two others from Odogwu to Echeno and Odeke through Ubale to Affa.
However, the legislator implored the government to construct for now, the Onyedega-Ujeh main lini road to alleviate the sufferings of the purely agrarian and fishing people to enable them open up communication with the outside world.
Mr Ukubile Ochijenu (PDP-Idah) seconded the motion, saying that the people were held in a pathetic condition of incommunicado, as there were no roads at all due largely to the terrain.
Majority of members at plenary supported the motion with Oluwatoyin Lawal (APC-Yagba-West), saying that his friend from the area who bought a car was only able to show the keys to his people as there was no road to take the car home.
Alhaji Momoh-Jimoh Lawal, speaker of the house promised to find out if the road was captured in this year’s budget as he implored Governor Idris Wada to keep the promise he made to the people to construct the Onyedega-Ujeh road.