Former governor of Kogi State and one of the aspirants seeking the All Progressives Congress (APC) ticket to contest the forthcoming Kogi governorship election, Prince Abubakar Audu has declared that some of his co-aspirants are school leavers without the requisite experience to govern the state.
Audu who received his nomination and expression of interest forms at the National Secretariat of APC declared that all the structures he left as a governor of the state 12 years ago were still the ones standing without any addition by his successors.
He said: “Presently, Kogi is in a very bad shape and sorrowful state and as such you cannot allow somebody to go there and learn on the job. It requires technocrats, somebody with experience to bring it up to the level I left it in 2003.
“Most of the aspirants now I don’t want to say much about them, most of them are trying to do it as Youth Corps job. Some of them are just young school leavers. Because they stumbled on some money somehow and they feel they should be governor of the state. What do they want to achieve? What is the present state of the state? How do they want to eliminate the very sad situation prevailing in the state? They have no idea; all the want is to be a governor.”
The former governor also revealed that “Kogi during my time as a governor was said to be the fastest growing state in Nigeria and I was crowned by the NUJ under the media tour that was undertaken to access the performance of every governor in Nigeria especially those that were on seat between 1999 and 2003.”
He believes that his party, the APC had recorded what he described as ‘huge’ success at the last general election in Kogi state, hence, the assurance of winning the forthcoming governorship election.
Reacting to the insinuation that there should be power shift from a section of the state to others, Audu said he had met with several people about that and promised to hand-over power to a competent person from those region after his four year term.

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