September 7, Lokoja: The capital of the Kogi state faced devastating flood destroying dwellings and leaving thousands of people with no roof over their heads, according to Kogi state latest news. Official statements say that no one was killed during the incident, though some people are still in jeopardy of the natural catastrophe. Thus, Governor of Kogi Yahaya Bello encourages the mass evacuation of people leaving in the areas that may be flooded.

Kogi state news reminds that around 110,000 people lost their homes in the Benue state several days ago.

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In the official statement released by the Governor’s chief press secretary Petra Akinti, it was clear that the government were putting every effort to deal with the crisis.

As such, they were planning the evacuation of people to save their lives and prevent loss of valuables.

Petra Akinti expressed the government’s gratitude to all emergency and rescue workers, security organizations, and other people helping to curtail the aftermath of the flood.

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She also asked all travellers to approach the situation with the understanding. The flooded road remained the most significant way connecting Southern and Northern part of Nigeria. Thus, it was extremely important to be cautious when using it and be respectful of the workers helping to sustain the flow of traffic.

Moreover, Kogi state news reports that the government had by the time arranged a number of relief camps to accommodate people who have lost their homes due to the flood, whilst relief materials are also gradually arriving there.

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Petra Akinti emphasized that any outside help in the form of volunteering or donorship would come in handy.

Besides, Kogi state news found that the ministry of environment and natural resources had warned people of the likely flood in advance and asked to take precaution. As a result, many lives were saved.