Come October this year, another chief tenant in Kogi will move to the Lugard House in Lokoja for the administration of the important and historic state. Preparatory to that, political activities are picking up as parties are busy shopping for candidates who can swing the pendulum in their favour, thus, increasing their fortune and making them victorious.
Hitherto, the state was under the firm grip of the People Democratic Party, PDP. The party in the last 13 years had won elections in the state. Indeed, the winning streak of PDP then almost made state to be perceived as a one party state. Today, the music has changed. The change mantra by the All Progressive Congress, APC, has done wonder in the state and the Kogi citizens have apparently moved enmass to the smooth sailing APC train with their solid resolve to follow it to the Promised Land.
Recent presidential and assembly elections in the state have shown the strength of political parties. It is enough sign, signposting the likely outcome of the October gubernatorial election. The clear implication of this is that the political battle for the number one seat in the state will be keenly and fiercely fought between the ruling, PDP and the APC. Though there are other political parties, posturing to be ready for the race, the reality is that they do not have enough physical and fiscal muscle to go far.
Between this July and October, parties are expected to hold their congresses and present their flag bearers. As a build up to that, there has been campaign of calumny within and outside political parties, orchestrated at destroying the character of the perceived political gladiators.
Even before the primaries, many people have been speculating that PDP will re-present the incumbent Governor, Idris Wada, while the APC will settle for Abubakar Audu, a one time Governor of the State. Going by his pretty past and his huge investment in the emergence of APC in the state, people are already concluding that the job should be given to Audu, a canny politician who understands the terrain and the job very well. To his admirers, Audu is a priceless asset to APC if the party must win the state as it is set to do.
Similarly, the PDP members are routing for the incumbent Governor, Mr. Idris Wada, believing rightly or wrongly that his incumbency factor can work wonder for the party. The popular prediction by political observers in the state is that both Idris Wada and Prince Audu Abubakar will be fielded by PDP and APC respectively for the battle royale in less than four months when the Kogi State Governorship election will hold.
Trust Nigerian politicians with their politics with bitterness. They have started employing all sort of dirty ploys to besmear their opponents in the same parties and those in different parties that are likely to pose threats to them in their genuine or jejune ambition to be the Kogi State number one citizen.
Indeed, there are now hawks and paid writers, principally engaged to assassinate character of the front runners in the competition. In recent time, social media and print media are awash with such ill thought write ups, instigating Kogi citizens to reject some people at the polls.
Those hack writers often pose as if they are altruistic in their writings, but a cursory look at their so called analysis easily reveals their hypocrisy to dress a goat and present it as a cow.
One of such writer is one Shaibu who recently on the net took both Wada and Audu to the cleaners, painting them as devil incarnates and that the people of Kogi must shun them like plagues. Findings on this so called Shaibu who describes himself as Communication Consultant reveal that he is an hungry writer, who can go to any length to compromise ethics of public communication for some price; forgetting that if falsehood travels for 10 years, truth shall catch up with it in a day.
While describing Mr. Wada as uninspiring, Shaibu felt short of calling Prince Audu an illiterate. His choice of words is uncouth and intemperate, one that bothers on profanity and one needs not to stretch ones imagination so far before one concludes that this so called public communicator, Shaibu, is a tool in the hands of some politicians who are all out to destroy their counterparts in order to have their way, forgetting that it is God that crowns. Whatever He decrees, it shall come to pass.
Read part of the paid writer’s comment in the web: “Presently and sadly, in Kogi State, the clouds of political uncertainty seem to have already emerged with the rumour that the two big political parties, APC and PDP may present Prince Audu Abubakar and Idris Wada as their respective gubernatorial candidates in the up coming election. If the speculation is right, then the best fit description for Kogi politics would be “a house on conflagration requiring urgent attention to extinguish the inferno”.
The electorates in Kogi are elections tested, and they are politically mature. They have been transformed and have learnt good lessons from those who have ruled or misruled them. The like of Shaibu should not foul the political firmament in Kogi. Let the people decide on their own.

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Barrister Musa sent this piece from Lokoja