National Chairman of the Progressive Peoples Alliance, PPA, Mr. Peter Ameh, has advocated for electronic voting in the forthcoming Kogi gubernatorial poll slated for November 21, 2015.
Ameh, therefore, called on federal legislators to amend the Electoral Act so as to pave way for electronic voting not only for the gubernatorial election in Kogi state, but also in subsequent polls.
The PPA national chairman told Nigerian Pilot that most countries of the world had moved on in their bid to enhance their electoral fortunes and wondered why Nigeria should not follow suit.
He argued that if the commission had the guts to use card readers in the last general elections, it should as well summon the courage to ask the lawmakers to amend its Electoral Act to pave way for electronic voting, adding that the process was less stressful and cumbersome.
The PPA national chairman stressed that the problem with election in Nigeria was bringing out candidates from other smaller parties to competent financially with candidates from bigger parties.
“If we have had the guts to try the card reader in a general election, we should also have the mind to move forward by asking the National Assembly to amend the Electoral Act that will encourage electronic voting. The machines must be well structured so as to monitor the voting process in each polling unit.
“In electronic voting, both the accreditation and voting are done together, thus saving people the time and stress of coming back for the actual voting. Even counting and vote collation is easier in electronic voting.
“There is still a problem in each election in Nigeria. There is problem in bringing out candidate to participate in election because there must be a balance of force. For you to say you must fight a man, you must be in the same category with your opponent financially and otherwise,” Ameh stated.
Ameh lamented that election in the country is money driven where candidates share money to voters at the polling units
He described INEC verification exercise as a welcome development, but frowned on how some officials of the commission use the exercise to intimidate party leaders.
Ameh, however, said he wants the new INEC boss to succeed in his new assignment so that Nigeria could move forward.
According to him, “Election in Nigeria is money driven. It is so money driven that the electorates do not even think of four years of pain and agony they will go through; they are thinking of the N2000 they will share at the polling units and that is why we are asking journalists to go all out during the election and see how money is changing hands.

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  • leonardsonyekwere

    PDP the political party of the Do or Die politics of former President Olusegun Obasanjo has come a long way and with this, the people of Nigeria will realize that politics is not after-all, a do or die affair.

    “Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and he will lift you up.” Brother Jonathan, to Jehovah be all glory for he who used the weakest to achieve the greatest of feat will use him whom his opponents dismissed as clueless, to achieve that which the believable wisest of Nigerians, failed to achieve.

    A vote for you in 2015 will be a vote for a genuine re-branding of Nigeria for a new beginning. A renewed Nigeria, where a citizen will no longer be seen or treated as a settler within the borders of his own country and where tribe and tongue may differ, yet all shall stand in brotherhood.

    A vote for for Goodluck Jonathan in 2015, shall be a vote for a structurally restructured Nigeria where it will be, first a Nigerian citizen and then your home State which will be determined by where a citizen choose to live, do business and God willing, own property.

    I pray that God even our own God shall guide and favor you to do the right thing for the trampled people of Nigeria. Amen!