Like the old English language saying “never say die”, the Korean Cultural Centre Nigeria, KCCN, is not resting on its oars in ensuring that culture is preserved. This is even so as culture has been universally described as a way of life.
Since its inception in Nigeria, the KCCN has been in the lead to ensuring that Nigerian youths have not been in want of cultural and educational events. Besides, the centre believes that exploring the cultural similarities between Nigeria and Korea will strengthen bilateral ties of the two countries.
Consequently, the centre has often put together educational, cultural and social events for Nigerian school children and students. The centre has also in addition to a free Korean language class established clubs in secondary schools to create a bond of friendship between Nigeria and Korea through better understanding of each other, eventually leading to stronger relations between the countries. The centre has also organised drawing competitions, poetry, dancing and many other competitions for both children and adult categories with winners taking home reasonable prizes.
For example, winners of the 4th K-Pop Dance Competition last year, T-SOD a dance group from Kaduna state, represent Nigeria at the K-Pop festival where they emerged as the world best.
Recently, the centre in commemoration of the Korean lunar New Year celebration called Seollal brought together school children and Nigerians from all works of life to join the Korean counterpart in marking the day.
The Korean regard the Lunar New Year which is celebrated on the 8th of February as its real New Year’s Day because solar New Year is the Western’s day.
Seollal is one of the most significant traditional Korean holidays. During the celebration, the entire family come together dressed in Korean best traditional attire called Hanbok and observe ancestral rites.
The younger members of the family make a traditional deep bow to their elders whom in turn present gifts to them.
The celebration which span for three days; a day before, the D-day and day after is adorned with traditional games, visits to monuments, shopping and a whole lot of activities.
Welcoming guests to the 2016 Seollal celebration in Abuja, the director, KCCN, Kwon Young Ik explained that the event became necessary so as to enrich the cultural sharing between the two countries.
“Since I arrived Nigeria as director of KCCN in August 2012, I have promoted various cultural exchange programmes not only to provide more information on Korea culture to Nigerians but also to deepen mutual understanding and establish closer relations between the two peoples in various fields”, the director stressed.
He further disclosed that the centre will provide Nigerian citizens with even more diverse cultural experience programmes so that their cultural needs can be met.
The director invited all Nigerians interested in culture to feel free to use the KCCN facilities as their own cultural properties. He equally encouraged those with ideas that will lead to better cultural outings to present proposals.
Kwon Young Ik listed plan events for 2016 to include; K-pop classes, summer and winter vacation camps for children, janggu (traditional Korean drum) classes and school visit programme amongst others.
Highlight of the celebration was presentation of gifts from the director and his wife to children, dance performance by the 2015 K-Pop Dance Competition world champion, T-SOD. Korean traditional games were also played by various groups including the media and prizes presented to winners.

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