Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed of Kwara State has called on elders of Tsaragi in Edu local government and Share in Ifelodun local government areas respectively, to be advocates of peace rather than war.
Governor Ahmed made the call in separate interactions with the elders of the two communities that had engaged in communal clash recently, on how to ensure lasting peace between them.
Ahmed urged the elders as opinion moulders in their communities to pass on values of unity that can endure the passage of time and ensure enduring peace in their communities, especially among their youths.
The governor, who convened the peace meetings, following the recent communal clash, said the people should know that there was strength in unity than in diversity.
He told the elders that proximity of the two warring communities should be for their advantage and urged them to take advantage of the proximity for the infrastructural development of both communities, rather than resort to clashes and violence.
“As a people, we are bound to find people who will want to pursue very narrow, personal agenda and use such to drive personal agenda that do not serve general interest. Anytime there is communal clash anywhere, it might pay narrow interests in short time, but sooner than later, the communities suffer immensurable set back in terms of infrastructural deficit and general wellbeing of the citizens.”
The governor also urged parties not to carry out reappraisal attacks as such would not benefit anybody but continue the vicious circle of violence and destruction of properties, just as he assured the elders of the two communities that his administration remained committed to the restoration of peace in the two communities and that everything would be done to achieve that.
In their separate remarks, the Wali of Tsaragi, Dr Muhammed Haruna and Asiwaju of Share, Chief Muhammed Lawal, said they would be partners with the state government in the restoration of peace between the two communities.

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