Speaker of the Kwara State House of Assembly and member-elect of the House of Representatives, Hon. Razak Atunwa has called on all elected legislators across the country not to betray the confidence reposed on them by the electorates.
According to a statement signed by his spokesman, Olawale Rotimi, the Kara Speaker said the noticeable development in Nigeria’s democracy can easily be sustained through vibrant, disciplined and masses-oriented legislators in the State and National Assemblies.
Atunwa described the legislators’ roles as central in the policy making process by holding government to account and scrutinising their decisions and policies.
“It is essential that legislators are equipped to highlight the shortcomings of the government in economy, security and other pressing matters and encourage the government to take mainstream steps in state and national growth model.
“The key government arm that needs to thoroughly understand the concept and trends of development is the legislative. The Legislative is at the heart of government and central to making and implementing government policy, advising and supporting the economic management of the state and nation and oversight of development of the public sector. These functions are of particular relevance and they must not elude our legislators,” he stated.
Atunwa, who described the legislative arm of government as a community of representatives from all parts of Nigeria, urged lawmakers to solely represent the interest of Nigerians without limitations or clash based on party affiliation.
“We are elected from our various constituencies across the country to represent the interests of our constituents, sponsor bills and move motions that are of benefit to majority of Nigeria populace. It’s important to know that our decisions must be masses driven in order to revitalise the hopes of Nigerians by giving them quality representation. Irrespective of our party affiliations, the assignment given to us by Nigerians is larger than anyone’s party affiliation and this must be maintained,” he added.
Hon. Atunwa reassured his constituents and Nigerians at large of quality representation through sponsorship of bills and motions that will ameliorate the living standards of Nigerians as a whole.