… Warns Nigerians on misuse of antibiotics

As Nigeria celebrates the 2017, World Biomedical Science Day today, WBSD, the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria, AMLSCN, has urged the Federal Government to resume local production of bacteria vaccine in Nigeria, as the body warns Nigerians on misuse of antibiotics.

The President of AMLSCN, AlhajiToyosiRaheem made this call in Abuja as part of the association’s activities to mark the WBSD celebration in the country.

Raheem said that with the current meningitis outbreak and the emergency and re-emergence of infectious diseases in the country, government should resume local production of vaccines.

“In those days when the Federal vaccine laboratory in Lagos State was seriously supported and laboratory scientists were seriously supported, Nigeria was producing sufficient quantity of bacteria vaccines to such an extent that it was exported to neighbouring countries, but unfortunately politics and so many in- house disorders has led to the total collapse of this vaccine laboratory and it is a bushy environment now filled with rats and rodents.’’

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He said called on government to show commitment to the health of the people and to pay serious attention to local production of local vaccines.’’

The AMLSCN President who hinted that there are 12 strains of meningitis  called on government to pay serious attention to emerging diseases like meningitis, Ebola and Lassa Fever by engaging stakeholders like medical scientists to address the menace of the diseases in the country.

“Science has shown that strains that are local and prevalent in the country and we can use those strains to produce local vaccines will be more potent than vaccines produced using foreign strains that are brought into this country.’’

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Also the association has advised Nigerians on the danger and misuse of antibiotics by most people which results in damage of the liver, kidney and hearing loss if used unregulated.

Raheem said, ‘’No doubt as a result of poverty, ignorance , weak regulations in this country and some countries there has been so many dangers  arising from misuse of some antibiotics.

“The danger include wastage of drugs because antibiotics are used just when it is not necessary and  that amounts to wastage of drugs, leads to damaged organs in the systems of the body because some of these antibiotics have toxins that affects some organs of the body.’’

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“It is also worrisome that in some serious disease cases especially infectious cases you will see anti- biotic resistance in treatment of tuberculosis, meningitis and some other viral infections and these are areas that concerns med-scientists globally.’’

Because we realise that because of the ignorance on the part of the community antibiotic are abused, they are misused and as a result of this   there are so many economic, loss of man – hour and prolonged illness and that is why part of this activity is to engage the media to sensitize the people on the danger of misuse of anti- biotic, Raheem said.