The Labour Party, LP, has said that President Muhammadu Buhari and his Vice Yemi Osibanjo are playing cheap politics with reducing their salaries.
Abdukadir Abdulsalam, national chairman of the party, defined this move as cosmetic, adding that Buhari’s action is not the most important thing that would solve Nigeria’s challenges.
Abdulsalam said: “What would the salary cut do for the Nigerian poor masses? Buhari should address the realities of the situation and stop playing to the gallery. This is a populist action. What he needs to do is to see where there are wastages and block them, serious act of corruption still goes on and he need to take serious action.”what Nigerian leader should do is to harness the resources that can help add to the monolithic oil economic policy the nation operates.
“He should not be wasting his time cutting his salary. If he is cutting his salary, is he also cutting his security votes, is he cutting the monumental expenditure in the Presidential Villa in the name of running government, is he cutting down the number of fleets in the presidential convoy or the aircraft?,” Abdulsalam asked.
“Is he cutting down the number of foreign travels that he has commenced? This are some of the areas he should act and seen to act upon.”
He also advised the president to be more forthcoming on details of the removing fuel subsidy.
The LP chief added that if Nigerians did not know the details in the past, they can still know now and that for the President to simply say he is not removing subsidy to avert punishing the poor is unclear.
“What happen to the June promise that one or two of the refineries would start working? Nigerians would appreciate him when they know the constraint he is facing in righting the wrong and this should be applicable to the subsidy controversy.”
President Muhammadu Buhari may have concluded plans to slash his salary and reduce his personal emoluments as a part of his electoral promises.