ACTING Director-General,
Infrastructure Regulatory
Concession Commission, ICRC,
Mr Chidi Izuwah, on Monday
said lack of capacity was a
major challenge of infrastructure
development in the country.
Izuwah said that this during
the Certified Public Private
Partnership Professional training
(C-P3 Professional) for civil
servants organised by ICRC in
collaboration with the World
Bank in Abuja.
He expressed optimism that the
certification and training would
equip the participants to be able
to address the infrastructure
deficit in the country.
“Lack of capacity is now a
major thing that we need to
address; we need to have public
servants who have the technical
capacity and sophistication to
handle PPP projects.
“This is because PPPs are
complex, legal, financial and
“So to be able to develop these
projects, take them to the market
in the way and manner that it is
bankable and attractive to the
private sector you have to have
the skills.
“And that is what you are
doing today and we are very
pleased to be partnering with the
World Bank.
“This shows you that Nigeria
is back in the play on the PPP
bracket around the world.
“This is a very strong
demonstration that the World
Bank is sponsoring this training
to make sure that we have C-P3
certified professionals in Nigeria.
“We are working with the office
of the Head of Service to see
how we can take this further in
terms of training masses of civil
servants in Nigeria at the federal
level and other levels.
“So that they can have the
capacity to be able to develop
bankable projects,’’ Izuwah said.
The ICRC boss explained that
the essence of the training was to
ensure that Nigeria was the best
PPP destination in the world.
He noted the huge deficit in
the country’s budget, saying
that the only way to bridge the
infrastructure gap in the country
was by using PPPs.
“The budget cannot provide
all these, so we need to draw in
millions of capital and expertise
from the private sector across all
sectors of health, housing, power,
port etc.
“So many countries have been
able to do a lot of projects using
PPPs and we want Nigeria to be
able to do same.’’
According to Izuwah,
C-P3 professional is the only
qualification in the world globally
recognised for PPP practitioners
as it involved the World Bank,
African Development Bank,
Islamic Development Bank and
the like.
He congratulated the
participants and urged them to
concentrate in the training to
enable them understand what the
programme entailed.

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