Men of the Nigeria Armed Forces in
Plateau State on Monday remembered
the fallen heroes who fought for the peace
of the country, the state Governor, Simon
Lalong who supervised the parades
encouraged families of fallen heroes and
those alive not to see their sacrifices to the
nation as being in vain as they did what
they did to restore peace in the nation.
Lalong who spoke in Jos during the
occasion where he alongside other
dignitaries in the State laid wreaths in
memory of the fallen heroes. He said, “We thank God for the
opportunity and also the gallant display of
our fallen heroes, if they didn’t do what they
did and sacrificed their lives, perhaps we
wouldn’t be alive today. Today is the day to
pray for them and also pray for their family
members; we are also using this opportunity
to encourage those that are alive to now that
their efforts are not in vain.
“We can see generally, that is why we
accepted to make fund available so that we
would improve not only the security but
on the welfare of the Armed Forces. So the
Governors’ Forum agreed that they should
release money but you know in Nigeria,
anything you say, you will be misconceived
and misconstrued. I still stand on the fact that
they need lots equipments in the barracks so that Nigeria can experience peace.”

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