• Vows to change the negative perception of the police

its kind, frontline Nigerian
film director, producer and
screenwriter, Lancelot Oduwa
Imasuen, has taken a bold
step towards re-orientating
Nigerians towards the mostly
negative perception of the
Speaking to Nigerian Pilot
in Abuja during the auditions
for his forthcoming TV series,
“Beyond Your Sight”, the
veteran filmmaker disclosed
that his new work will chronicle
the activities of the Nigeria
Police that largely go unnoticed
by the Nigerian masses,
stressing that most times, the
good works by the police is lost
in a maze of negative perception
and criticism.
“Nigerians are in the habit of
criticising the police without
understanding the workings of
the police and the great feats
they have achieved. These
things happen every day and
yet go un-noticed, so this work
of our television series is going
to expose the police in a positive
light for us to know how
wonderful these guys work
for us to have a good sleep.
It is going to dramatise real
“It is a major thing for me
and a national pride that one
is contributing to the making
of our society by changing
the mindset of the people
so that they can respect and
appreciate what the police do.
When you see a few of them on
the road misbehaving, they do
not represent the totality of the
police,” he says.
According to him, he
has profiled a number of
spectacular cases the police
has handled with fantastic
“In one of the stories, a
robber that has operated for
14years without the notice of
his family and community was
eventually caught by the police
and he confessed that he has
killed more than 150 people.
For him to say 150, the police
say he must have killed well
over that number of innocent
“Imagine a woman killed
by her people and buried in a
soak-away pit but the police
uncovered it. So a lot of these
pictures are what we want to
create with this series,” he
The Edo State born veteran
filmmaker stressed that a lot
of exemplary officers, many of
them graduates, abound in the
police, some with master’s and
doctorate degrees plus other
professional certificates, but
due to the negative perception,
people are tempted to look
down on them.
And, giving hope to Abuja
based actors, Lancelot says,
“about 90 per cent of this work
will be coming from Abuja
because we discovered that
there are talents everywhere
not only in Lagos. So for now,
we are still conducting our
audition to get the cast we
need, but we are concentrating
on Abuja for our casts.”
“Beyond Your Sight” is being
done in collaboration with the
Nigeria Police. The cast and
crew are expected to move to
location in March.

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