Rector of Kaduna Polytechnic, Dr. Muhammed Bello Ibrahim, revealed yesterday that Gbagyi community is plotting to sack the institution from its College of Administrative Studies and Social Sciences, CASSS, campus within Kaduna metropolis.
Addressing journalists at the main campus of the polytechnic in Tudun Wada, the rector said the school’s land is being allocated to people prompting it to take drastic actions.
He recalled that the allocation of land was done for the polytechnic following due process in 1976 and a compensation of N168,169.00 was paid to158 persons who merited it then.
He also stated that encroachment into the land started in 2009. “We reported to the police and state government and they took the case to court.”
According to him, there was an attempt by the administration of late Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa to resolve the issues and settle out of court which led to the demarcation and erection of a fence between the encroached and unencroahed land.
He said after the governor passed away, the fence was demolished and the land continued to be allocated to individuals who were urged to build on it immediately.
“From the foregoing, we knew that the community wanted to take over all the land and sack the polytechnic. We met with the government and tendered our documents and it is taking action. We called this press conference because of the agitations and tension generated by government’s action.”
He also revealed that further encroachment by the community dissolved any agreement and the white paper entered into by the parties assisted by late Governor Yakowa, because they breached the contract by continuing with encroachments and demolishing the fence.
“At a point the students also demonstrated because they felt the school was not doing enough. It was at this point that we approached the authority to help us reclaim our land.”

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