Federation of Muslim Women Association of Nigeria, FOMWAN has called upon women to enforce good sanitary conditions in their homes and children as the casualties of Lassa fever outbreak increases, an official has said.
Mrs. Mairo Sani, the leader of FOMWAN in Plateau made the call in an interview with newsmen on Monday in Jos.
She said women are one of the major stakeholders that will facilitate the control of the Lassa fever because of their dual responsibilities of childbearing and caring for the home.
‘’ We take care of the home, children and our husband, each Nigerian falls under one of these categories, it therefore means we have to enforce sanitary conditions in the home and our children to halt the spread of Lassa fever.
‘’ The disease which is transmitted through the rats is most prevalent in our homes where dirty plates lurk around, food not properly covered or house congested by unused items amongst others,’’ she explained.
She noted that some children use refuse dumps as their playground or go there to pick items which may be infested by the rats.
‘’ When you play on refuse heaps and dirt’s like food items, thrown are infested by the rats, it therefore means such children are susceptible to Lassa fever.
‘’The unfortunate thing is that some of them do not wash their hands, they may go to school, play with other children or even eat with the hands leading to more casualties’,’’ she said.
She advised women to be pacesetters in ensuring rats do not infest their homes or the surroundings by clearing all the habitats of the rats.
Sani also called on women to endeavour to always wash their plates after cooking and cover their grains and food properly.
The Official said children and wards should also be closely monitored for adherence of hygienic conditions.
It could be recalled that Plateau is one of the states affected by the outbreak of Lassa fever and Dr. Kuden Kamshak, the Commissioner for Health said the state have recorded 3 deaths, 4 confirmed cases and 174 on surveillance.

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