LAGOS State Traffic Management Authority
(LASTMA) on Wednesday, said it had
established “Operation Keep Traffic Moving ’’ to
ease gridlocks in Apapa and other parts of the
Lagos metropolis.
LASTMA Chief Executive Officer, Chris
Olakpe, said the authority had been working
assiduously to reduce gridlocks in Apapa and
its environs. “LASTMA has been assisting in
the movement of traffic in Apapa by trying to
streamline traffic; it has been doing its best to
reduce the gridlocks being experienced in the
“There is an irregular influx of tanker and
articulated vehicle drivers nationwide into
Lagos, that is what we expect at this period, but
our men are up to the task, they have been given
the go ahead to do their best to ensure that traffic
is moving on all corridors in the state.
“That is what we call operation keep traffic
moving,’’ he said. According to him, government
is doing its best to reduce the gridlocks by fixing
the roads within and outside Apapa. Olakpe
said that efforts had been put in place by the
government to reduce the traffic in Lagos by
rehabilitating and constructing various roads
across the state.
“Don’t forget that government is at the top
of ensuring that the bad roads in Apapa and
other parts of Lagos are fixed. “You know,
when you have bad roads, it a big challenge,
but government is on top of it now and they are
fixing the roads steadily. In a matter of time, the
gridlocks will be a thing of the past,’’ he said.

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