JULIUS AGWU has revealed
that while in a state of coma, he
encountered his late father who
told him to “go back”.
The comedian, actor and
singer successfully underwent a
procedure that led to the removal
of three tumors from his brain in
In an interview with Inspaya,
Agwu said the experience shook
him and his family.
He said he once came close
to committing suicide and
described his new lease of life as
a “second chance”.
Agwu said: “I’m a living
testimony of God’s testimony. I
remember my father who died in
2002 telling me to go back. What I
remember was the fact that woke
up in the hospital and heard the
story of being in coma. I lost my memory.”
“I started looking for my
properties, documents and was
giving them to my wife. One day,
they were not home and I almost
committed suicide.”
Agwu’s wife, Ibiere, who was
by his side throughout the entire
process, shared the experience of
his first seizure.
“I was in the room with him
when the first seizure happened.
On the way to the hospital, the
seizure came again and I started
“It got to a point where
everything just stopped. At a
point, the doctor started praying
with me. After a while, he moved
his hand,” she said.
Julius and Ibiere Agwu have
two children and have been
married for almost nine years.

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