What are the Latest Ponzi schemes in Nigeria 2017 ? People in Nigeria have hard times to earn their money. Sometimes they seek possibilities to invest money into projects and get some profit from it. Nevertheless, some frauds use Nigerians to lure their money from pockets. Check the list of Pyramid scheme in Nigeria!

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  1. PassiveTreasure.com The site promise to pay its members 100% within 72 ( Yet to Launched)
  2. Gethelpworldwide.com The site promise to pay its members %30 within 30 Days (Launched 2016)
  3. mmm nigerian The site promise to pay its members 30% within 30 days (Launched 2016)
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Ponzi scheme could make one super rich within a very short time as well as make you loose millions . it all depends on you play your card.

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Should ponzi Site owners be arressted ? ???

  • Adewale Ib Oziegbe

    There is a new ponzi that pays 200% in 3 days. it’s new and an hot cake at the moment. There are four packages. 5k, 10k, 20k & 50k. You get 200% returns in 3Days. Its so hot and fresh.

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  • Experience

    It is a lie! All ponzischemes are evil. Don’t let them deceive you. They don’t have anyone’s interest at heart. They are only out to dupe people. Be wise!