A group of legal practitioners and other professionals has formed a formidable alliance that they envisaged would help to stamp out bad governance and corruption in all ramifications.
The organisation tagged, The Bribe Code headed by a legal luminary, Barr. Chuma Nwokolo, believes that Nigeria’s greatest problem as a nation is bad governance occasioned by corruption.
“The Bribe Code is a project which is designed at good governance. Most of our problems in Nigeria, you can trace it down to bad governance. Bad governance is like a disease that has many symptoms in Nigeria.
“Whether the problems are bad roads, no hospital, infant mortality, whatever the problems we are suffering from, what is at the root of it; it is bad governance. The Bribe Code targets that problem and tries to resolve the issue of corruption which is behind bad governance,” Nwokolo pointed out.
Nwokolo, who is the convener of The Bribe Code campaign in Nigeria, also said that with the cooperation of every Nigerian, corruption would be fought squarely.
Nwokolo said that they appreciated the anti-graft agencies instituted by the government but pointed that they are not enough to tackle the supposed intractable problems of corruption and bad governance. “With The Bribe Code, it will be impossible for people to be corrupt in Nigeria,” Nwokolo posits.
“The code is a public campaign against corruption. Each person tells his friends about Bribe Code. The aim is to unite Nigerians against corruption.
“We are in thousands and by the time we go to Abuja, we shall reach thousands,” Nwokolo said and challenged President Buhari to be more proactive in fighting corruption just like he did as a military president for the fight to be total.

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