Some Abuja-based lawyers say that but for conflicting High Court judgments the judiciary performed creditably in the 2015/2016 legal year.
They told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in separate interviews that the judiciary received more bashing occasioned by the judgments, but acknowledged that the year was eventful.
One of the respondents, Mr Ukoh Francis, decried the conflicting judgments, and called for autonomy and independent judiciary in 2016/2017 legal year.
“I observed a little disturbance in the outgoing year, the judiciary were been disturbed by politicians.
“The result of this disturbance is the conflicting judgment we had in the court in the case of Abia governorship tussle and the crises in the PDP,’’ Francis said.
He also called for the review of criminal cases before the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), saying that criminal cases were suppose to be before the conventional court and not tribunal.
Also, Mr Okani Emmanuel, said that the sector was able to uphold the tenets of the rule of law in the outgoing legal year.
“The court shows that they are last hope of the common man, they gave meaning to the Administration of Criminal Justice Act (ACJA), 2015.
“They did not work to please the power that be or subject itself to any form of intimidation from any quarters,’’ Emmanuel said.
Emmanuel suggested that the sector should pay more attention to the people awaiting trial during the 2016/2017 legal year.
According to him, the recent jailbreak experiences in the recent time were people that were denied justice.
In his reaction, Mr Edozie Leonard, also applauded the judiciary in the manner it handled the election petitions in the outgoing legal year.
Leonard called on the Chief Justice of the Federation, Justice Mahmud Mohammed, to introduce reforms that would make the new legal year robust and vibrant.
“There should be law reforms that will avoid technicalities posit by some lawyers in the court, there should be a total review of the law guiding the sector.’’
Also, Mr Chijioke Kanu, commended the introduction of ACJA, which he said, had enhance the speedy dispensation of criminal justice.
Kanu called on the executive not to interference in the duties of the judiciary and concentrate on how to improve the economy.
He also advised judges and magistrates to rise up to their duties to ensure a holistic fight in the war against corruption.

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