Supreme Head,
Cherubim and Seraphim
Church of Nigeria, His
Most Eminence, Prophet
Solomon Adegboyega
Alao has said that
members of the mission
will seek elective
positions nationwide in
Prophet Alao made
the declaration at a
joint press briefing with
Prophet Gideon Adebare
Owoseni, the founder/
spiritual head of the
Solution Cherubim
and Seraphim, Mekun
Village, Apata in Ibadan.
According to him, “the
authority of this mission
had decided to encourage
all our members that are
qualified to contest for
any elective positions
throughout the country
in 2019”.
“We made this decision
because if we say
politics is dirty, is for
the people of the world
and that Christians
should not participate,
we shall continue to be
governed and continue
to cry under the yoke
of the men of the
world .Whereas, if we
participate with the help
of God, we shall turn
the country around”, he
Prophet Alao said
that Cherubim and
Seraphim worldwide are
solidly behind President
Muhammadu Buhari
on his anti-corruption
crusade, but advised him
not to relent in arresting
and prosecution of any
political office holders
and civil servants that
had embezzled the
country’s wealth.
“We at the C and
S are solidly behind
Buhari’s government. We
are praying for him and
by the special grace of
God, he shall defeat the
enemies of this country
and take us to the promise
land. His administration
is masses-friendly, but he
should warn the governor
of Kaduna State, Mallam
El-Rufai to be careful the
ways he talks”, he advised.
Prophet Alao therefore
called on President
Buhari not to listen to the
advice of those calling
for imposition of taxes on
Churches and Mosques in
the country.
He noted that “churches
and mosques are spiritual
arms of governments. We
always pray for peace to
reign supreme and success
of the government. So,
imposition of taxes on us
is uncalled for. Although
we have some churches
and mosques that had
businesses running to
several million and billion,
I believe that governments
can impose taxes on those
The clergy gave kudos
to the founder/ spiritual
head of the Solution C
and S Ministry, Prophet
Gideon Adebare Owoseni
for the construction of big
edifices at the National
Headquarters of the
church, Mekun village,
Apata in Ibadan.
Prophet Alao, however,
informed that arrangement
had been completed for
the mission to establish its
own private university.
“The authority of the
church had put necessary
committees in place and
by the special grace of
God we shall establish our
university in this country.
So all must continue to
pray for us at same time
continue to live in peace
and unity”, he said.

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