Fresh crisis has engulfed
the Ondo state chapter of the All
Progressive Congress, APC.
According to reports, some
members of the State Executive
of the party have been pitched
against each other with the
state chairman, Isaac Kekemeke,
accused of sabotage.
The crisis reportedly reached
a climax following a purported
announcement advertising the
position of Director of Publicity
by the party, following the sack
of Adesanya through a letter
signed by APC State Secretary,
Rahman Rotimi.
According to a letter published
in Guardian, the State Executive
Committee of the party passed a
resolution thus: “At its meeting
on the 6th of August 2015, the
State Working Committee of
the All Progressive Congress
reviewed your activities and
press releases in the recent
times and came out with the
“That your press releases lately
have constituted a source of
embarrassment to the Ondo State
Chapter of our party and have
brought serious disrepute to the
party,” the letter read in part,
stating unequivocally, “you have
been barred from addressing or
giving any policy statement to
the press on behalf of the party
till further notice.”
Responding to the letter by
the state executive, Adesanya
said, “I am surprised that you
as a lawyer could preside over
a meeting to vilify, castigate,
banish, bar and above all, take
a far-reaching decision affecting
my office without hearing from
me,” he lamented.
“It is therefore absurd, and
indeed a thing of great concern
for my office to be barred from
promoting our great party
and allowing the government
in power to use all the media
apparatus available to her to
suppress our party. What is
more, you have, by your action
rendered the image-making
organ of the party in Ondo State
inactive and of no consequence.
“I find it extremely difficult
to comprehend that the
alleged press releases that
lately constituted as source of
embarrassment to the Ondo
State Chapter of our party
and that have brought serious
disrepute to the party, were not
highlighted in your said letter.
“There is no doubt that our
party is in the opposition in this
state. It is incumbent on us to
bring out constructive criticism
of the ruling party in the state
and where the party in power
makes a major error in its policies
and programmes, it is the duty
of the opposition to bring this to
the notice of the public.”
He said the state chairman nor
the state working committee of
the party has the right to abolish
the functionality of any of the
organs of the party and claimed
to have issued more than 125
press releases and statements,
with lots of radio and TV
interviews since he became the
State Publicity Secretary.
“I am worried and indeed
terrified that the lions and the
lambs are kept in the same cage.
The lions have no other mission/
option than to devour the lambs.
I wonder how we can win any
election in the state with this
seemingly complicity with the
PDP-led government in power
in Ondo state.”

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