Justice Mary Odili
Justice Mary Odili

Centre for Good Governance and Accountability, CGGA, has dismissed reports accusing Justice Mary Odili of influencing the Supreme Court verdict on Rivers State governorship election, describing it as a calculated effort at discrediting her credibility.
It particularly warned against further dragging of her name into any orchestrated controversy on the matter, describing the development as false, wicked and baseless.
A statement issued in Abuja yesterday by the lead-advocate of the accountability group, Prof. Nasiru Gomwalk, said the insistence on linking Justice Odili to the Supreme Court verdict on Rivers State was an indication of desperation to discredit her by every means.
The statement read: “This platform is inclined to make this statement on the strength of the concorted narrative making the rounds online to the effect that honourable Justice Mary Odili allegedly facilitated perceived questionable act in the run up to Supreme Court ruling on Rivers State governorship election petition. This surreptitious and well scripted act was birthed by Sahara Reporters and it is being passionately driven the same medium. While we are not averse to conventional and acceptable attempt aimed at curbing corruption in every facet of Nigeria’s life, the mission to demean the hard earned credible professional and public integrity of Justice Odili is what we strongly condemn in every term.
“It is on record that she has been contributing positively to the growth of the judiciary in the country through display of unquestionable professional practices over the years. In all these, there had not be any incident of abuse of the best practices in the profession against her, as her career had been marked excellence and credibility. Therefore, one wonders why the authors of the aforesaid allegation would resort to blackmailing and deconstructing her person.
“It is instructive to state herein that Justice Odili was never a member of the Supreme Court panel that adjudicated on the Rivers Election matter and was only a spectator like every other citizen that was not part of the legal persons involved. It is on record that attempts by the same medium to discredit Justice Odili when the apex ruled on the matter failed given that it was as baseless and misleading as the latest effort.
“Now, let it be categorically stated that the report by the online medium is fraught with falsehood, wickedness and mischief just to get Justice Odili for reasons known to its initiator(s). There had never been a time in history when injustice triumphed over good, even if it happened momentarily, the truth takes prominence in the fullness of time; that is why we urge the authors of this sinister script to invest their time in things that could strengthen our institutions and avoid pulling down those committed to making the institutions work,” the group averred.

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