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Legislators urged to guard against budget padding



To guard against budget padding, phoney and unsubstantiated budgets, legislators in both national and state houses of assemblies have been called upon to develop eagle eyes in order to check excesses.

Mrs Jovita Keleze, Deputy Director, Legislative Matters, Enugu State House of Assembly, made the call while delivering a lecture on the overview of appropriation processes for lawmakers at a workshop organised for members-elect, clerk, directors, HODs and committee clerks Nike Lake Hotels, Enugu.
Addressing the new members-elect and their existing counterparts, Keleze described budget padding as anything added to the budget after it has been passed.

She said that it was only the legislature that has the powers to increase or reduce budgetary allocation, pointing out that they can only carry out any alteration by seeking recourse to the legislature.

To check executive excesses that could lead to budget padding, Keleze, urged the legislators to be wary, “so that the MDAs do not deceive you. At times, one item is repeated in budget whereas it might have appeared in previous budgets.”

Explaining the aspects of budget padding so said that if legislators are not careful items such as office desks, air conditioners would repeatedly appear in a budget whereas they had been budgeted for in the past.

The Deputy Director, while explaining the duties of the legislators, said that on no account should the executive tamper with budgetary allocations saying that there could be virement which is not alteration per se but shifting money meant for a particular project from one department of a ministry to the other without changing the budget figure.

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