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Last week, something happened in the polity that should raise an amber banner for this government and the people of this country to take hid. The behemoth Northern socio-cultural group, Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) broke into two. The North-Central states broke away from the group in protests against exclusive agenda of the major ethnic groups.

The new group is called North Central Peoples Forum, NCPF. This is a major landmark in the negative under the present administration. In order words, against the sonorous defences by the foot soldiers of the present government, the chickens have come home to roost. The reality has downed, a manifestation of the divisive and exclusive governance style by this government.

The leaders of the breakaway group have a decisive agenda: “We will promote, defend and strengthen North Central unity and the interest of its people in the context of one indivisible Nigeria and to contribute to the safeguarding of her territorial integrity.

“We will support and cooperate fully with the Federal Government for full and complete implementation of infrastructures, development projects situated in the zone and the involvement of the people of the zone in the national affairs of the country”, Senator Jeremiah Useni, one of the leaders of the region told journalists.

the interim chairman of the new group, the former Minster of State for Health, Gabriel Aduku, said.

Other prominent leaders who are members of the new group include Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Senator Jeremiah Useni, former Deputy Senate President, Ibrahim Mantu, a former Military Administrator of Kwara State, Col. David Bamigboye (retd.), and a former deputy chief of staff to the President, Chief Olusola Akomode, and several others.

In a democracy, people have choices and they are free to do so. However, the factors that determine these choices are very important. In this context, the Middle Belt zone does not feel that it has been fairly accepted and treated as one member of the same group. North-Central has been plagued by insecurity that has been highly politicized and its economy destroyed while the core North is in control of the federal power.

Many elder statesmen have raised this issue against this government that it is not calling everybody along. It has divided the country more than it has built. There are fears and distrust nationwide. This government should lead the country with openness, transparency and genuineness.

Currently, the country is like an orphan without a father. The way the people of Middle Belt feel neglected and oppressed is the same way many Nigerians feel. Government needs to look inward and correct it’s false steps.

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