LG Electronics understands
the desires of its esteemed
consumers hence its
determination to offer
Nigerians cutting edge
technologies especially
consumers seeking Energy
efficient products.
To ensure that it meets
the desires of its esteemed
consumers LG came up with
the advanced ALL NEW
GENCOOL Air conditioner
with Dual Inverter technology,
this is in its determination
to offer Nigerians a cutting
edge technology especially
consumers seeking Energy
efficient products.
We all know that feeling
of stepping out of a hot day
into an air conditioned home
brings nothing but comfort. In
comfortable conditions people
tend to work more efficiently.
If the room temperature is high
then we feel uncomfortable
which causes irritation and
lack of concentration. We
also get tired faster when the
temperature is high. In a cool
environment with a befitting
air condition unit like LG All
New Gencool one is bound to
feel good and at peace thereby
ensuring optimum productive
There is no doubt harsh
weather affects people
differently, but most of the time
they have a negative effect on
the overall health condition of
Gone are the days, when
air conditioners were seen
as luxury items in the home
because it comes with
extra cost that included big
generators to power and even
when powered with on grid
light they were consuming
The air conditioner is
renowned for its ability to save
as much as 70% on electricity
consumption with 40% faster
cooling, thereby reducing bills.
Conditioner features a DUAL
inverter compressor with
10 Year Warranty that helps
users enjoy benefits of LG air
conditioner for a longer period
of time
Unlike the conventional air
conditioner that cannot operate
at lower speed due to its
constant rotation, the ALL NEW
is designed to save energy by
70% by constantly adjusting
the compressor speed to
maintain desired temperature
level thereby reducing energy
costs. The ALL NEW GEN
COOL comes with dual Rotor
inverter compressor, making it
more stable hereby increasing
According to a consumer Mr.
John, who shared his experience,
he said: “the ALL NEW GEN
COOL AC works seamlessly
with his 0.7 KVA Generator
(Popularly referred to as “I
pass my neighbor”) which is
a popular source of power
among Nigerian populace.
This is a clear departure from
the conventional ACs. With
this unique feature, LG has
demonstrated clearly that it
possess the ability to meet the
needs of consumers who wants
to use AC with small capacity
generators without necessarily
worrying about the start-up
electric power for optimum
performance in Nigeria
However, it is important
to note that the GEN Mode
features allow it to minimize
start-up electric requirements
to power it. There is no doubt
the beauty and functionality of
the AC would go a long way
to encourage more and more
stronger ties among family
members who wish to spend
quality time with their family
members in a relaxed and
cool atmosphere, all thanks
to LG All New Gencool AC
with a guaranteed clean, fresh
air which is essential for good
health. With this innovation
consumers’ in Nigeria are sure
of enjoying a durable, efficient,
cost saving and reliable cooling
The Air conditioner comes
with a feature that ensures a
40% torque vibration reduction
resulting in the quietest
operation of outdoor unit.
The 15 degrees tilted skew
fan minimizes the surface
friction of the blade when in
contact with the air. The ALL
Compressor constantly adjusts
a compressor’s speed to
maintain desired temperature
levels. Moreover, Dual
Inverter Compressor™ with
power saving operation range
frequency saves more energy
than conventional compressor.
LG is committed to providing
advanced technologies that
are energy efficient and ecofriendly.
COOL comes with multiprotection
filter that removes up
to 99.99% particles providing a
safer living environment and
is capable of making a big
difference to air quality in the
home. The LG ALL NEW GEN
COOL Air conditioner operates
at low sound levels, due to
LG’s unique skew fan and dual
inverter compressor which
eliminates unnecessary noise
and allow for smooth operation.
This product also allows homes
with small capacity generators
to continue to use household
appliances together with
the air conditioner without
An excited consumer Mrs.
Chima who also volunteered to
share her personal experience
stated that “durability is
just as important as strong
performance hence my
excitement when I heard the
AC comes backed by 10-year
warranty on the inverter
compressor. Let me add here
that I have used different
air conditioner units from
some other brands; I can say
without mincing words that
the innovations from LG
Electronics is second to none. ”
The compressor to the Air
Conditioner is the same as the
engine is to the vehicle; parts
of the compressor have been
improved to allow for a longer
life span. With the 10year
warranty on the compressor,
users can enjoy the benefits of
LG air conditioner for a longer
period of time. The NEW
GENCOOL AC which comes
with a simple and modern slim
design makes easy installation
and convenient cleaning with
EZ sliding filter. Not forgetting
conditioner has a voltage Safe
PCB (Power Circuit Board)
upgraded to increase its ability
to withstand voltage variations,
thus ensuring safety against
high-voltage or power surges
while ultimately strengthening
the air-conditioners overall
LG Electronics is poised to
serve Nigerian consumers
better with its innovative
products designed specifically
to meet the desires and
aspirations of it esteemed
consumers. With LG life can
only get better for lovers of
innovations which LG is ever
ready to churn out.

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