Electronics LG has
showcased its latest in
innovative clothing care
solutions at its long-
awaited regional launch
event for partners and
retailers across the
Middle East and Africa.
Featured among the
clothing care lineup
was LG’s all-new
TWINWashTM washing
machine, which uses the
most innovative washing
technology to take care of
more loads in less time.
will roll out across
various countries across
MEA over the following
“Innovative home
solutions introduced
by LG to the region
take personal clothing
care to entirely new
heights. The LG
TWINWashTM washing
machine is an example
of LG’s innovation at
its best, always putting
the consumer at the
forefront of development
while showcasing
the best in durability
and convenience for
customers in the Middle
East,” said Mr. Kevin
Cha, President of LG
Electronics in the Middle
East and Africa.
enables two separate
loads to be washed
simultaneously by
combining a full-sized
front load washing
machine with a mini
washer in a hide-away

pedestal, generating a
whole new set of washing
The powerful main
washing machine handles
the bulk of the laundry

while the mini washer can
be set to run a different
wash cycle. Smaller loads
can be washed when
needed without having
to wait until a full load

has accumulated. The
mini washer is perfect for
delicate or specialized
items that require a unique
wash setting, such as
lingerie or baby clothes.
delivers powerful but
stable performance with
its innovative suspension.
With exceptional features
such as Inverter Direct
Drive motors that ensure
simultaneous cleaning and
a 6+ motion technology for
more advanced washing
performance, the LG
TWINWashTM has been
redesigned to change the
paradigm of washing.
With convenience in
mind to the highest level,
the LG TWINWashTM also
incorporates a wide glass
door that is easy to load
and unload as well as a
large capacity for big loads
to be done without any
Exuding premium
elegance and design, the
an ergonomic touch with
its on-door control panel,
elevated and angled
door, and a recessed
and spacious dispenser.
can also control
monitor the washer at
anytime from anywhere
thanks to its SmartThinQ
LG has always had
a long-term focus
on bringing to the
MEA region the most
innovative technologies
and exquisite designs
catering to high-end users
and unique lifestyles. LG’s
InnoFest 2017 highlighted
the brand’s continued
effort in being a leader
in the premium market
category by showcasing
its latest premium line-
ups planned for MEA
across the variety o
f LG’s
business units, including
home appliances, home
entertainment and others.